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UK Milk Statistics

14 August 2014

Usage of Milk by Dairies in England & Wales – June 2014Usage of Milk by Dairies in England & Wales – June 2014

This release shows the latest monthly information on the volume of milk used by dairies in England and Wales for the production of a range of liquid milk and milk products. This data is sourced from a survey which covers around 90% of all milk available for processing.
UK Milk Statistics Reports

The key results for June 2014 are given below:

  • 972 million litres of milk were used by dairies, a 2% increase on June 2013 due to increased milk production and, hence, availability. High milk production in recent months has been helped by favourable weather conditions, leading to good forage quality and quantity.

  • Of the milk used, 48% was used for liquid milk production, 24% for cheese production and 2% was used for butter production.

Section 1: Availability & usage of milk by dairies in England and Wales

Table 1 shows the volume of milk reported in the survey which was used by dairies in England and Wales during June 2014. The majority of milk is used to make liquid milk, cheese, and products such as powders, yoghurt and condensed milk.

August 2014

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