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TheDairySite Newsletter - 11 December 2015

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Friday 11th December 2015.
Alice Mitchell - Editor

Alice Mitchell

MSD Animal Health

How Can Protecting the Planet Improve Dairy Profits?

As countries continue to negotiate a climate agreement in Paris, we featured a report from Chris Harris on how dairy farmers can create opportunities for increased profitability by tackling climate change.

Nearly half the dairy farmers in the UK believe that taking measures to reduce emissions will add costs to their business, and just 10 per cent believe that it would boost efficiency, according to a recent independent survey of dairy farmers conducted for the on-farm environmental and carbon assessment company Alltech E-CO2.

The company’s Ben Braou said that there is an underestimation among some dairy farmers of their livestock enterprise’s contribution to the total carbon footprint of a litre of milk once it is on the retail shelf.

“Interestingly, the survey findings show that more than one in five producers perceive the largest GHG contribution to come from processor activity, which is not the case. The largest contribution (80 per cent) actually comes from the farm, so there is a lot that dairy farmers can do,” he said.

“For example, more than 40 per cent of on-farm GHG emissions come from the cows themselves. But we also know that by improving the health of the rumen and the cow, more milk will be produced while at the same time lowering methane emissions.

“Furthermore, healthy cows live longer, lowering culling and replacement rates.” - Click here to read more.

In market news this week, UK retailer Morrisons confirmed that it will increase the retail price of its standard four pint fresh liquid milk to £1, whilst its Milk For Farmers range increases to £1.23.

The supermarket chain also announced it is increasing the price it pays to dairy farmers on all of its own-brand fresh milk and Milk For Farmers.

NFU dairy board chairman Rob Harrison said: “Today's announcement by Morrisons is good news and moved them up the table in the support they provide farmers.

“However, there are still a few retailers languishing behind on the support they provide to guarantee high quality British dairy products every day of the year.” – Read more.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Six Steps to Preventing LA-MRSA Spread Between Livestock and Farmer
Livestock associated Meticillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) is a bacteria that has developed resistance to certain antibiotics. As LA-MRSA can passed between humans and animals, the UK government has created six key steps you can take on your farm to help prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Company News

New Study Reveals Prolonged and Significant Milk Yield Reduction From IBR
GLOBAL - Dairy cows that have been exposed to the virus that causes Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) have been shown in a new study to produce 2.6 litres per day less milk throughout the entire lactation, despite showing few or no signs of the disease (i.e. being sub-clinically infected).
MSD Animal Health Presents Fatigued Cattle Syndrome Webinar
GLOBAL - MSD Animal Health, known as Merck Animal Health in the US, recently sponsored a webinar, “Fatigued Cattle Syndrome: What You Need to Know,” presented by Dan Thomson, D.V.M., Ph.D., the Jones Professor of Production Medicine and Epidemiology at Kansas State University.
Market Reports

UK Usage of Milk by Dairies in England & Wales – October 2015
USDA WASDE - 11 December 2015
USDA National Dairy Products Sales Report - 11 December 2015

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