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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 11 November 2015

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Wednesday 11th November 2015.
Alice Mitchell - TheBeefSite Editor

Alice Mitchell

MSD Animal Health

Larger Herd Sizes Linked to Higher Bovine TB Risk

Farming practices such as larger herd size, maize growth, fewer hedgerows and the use of silage have been linked to higher risk of bovine TB, new research from the University of Exeter has concluded.

The study, funded by BBSRC, analysed data from 503 farms which have suffered a TB breakdown alongside 808 control farms in areas of high TB risk.

The team found that farms with herds of 150 cattle or more were 50 per cent more likely to suffer a bovine TB outbreak than those with herds of 50 or fewer.

Crop production, feeding and landscape features were also important, with the risks increasing with practices linked with higher productivity systems.

For every 10 hectares of maize - a favourite food of the badgers that play a role in transmitting the disease - bTB risk increased by 20 per cent. The feeding of silage was linked with a doubling of the risk in both dairy and beef systems.

Each extra kilometre of hedgerow was linked with a 37 per cent reduction in risk. This is likely to be because there is less contamination of pasture by badger faeces and urine in hedgerow-rich areas - read more.

This week, we also featured three reports from the AHDB Beef & Lamb conference in Warwickshire, where delegates found out that the UK is trying to put in place a ‘comprehensive agreement’ for exports to the US.

The UK’s request for access is taking some time to process, due to the inclusion of both beef and lamb, unlike Ireland, which requested beef access only as soon as BSE restrictions were lifted.

“The UK is going through the process, but it is a long process to work things out,” said Stan Phillips, Agricultural Counsellor at the US Embassy in London - read more

Delegates also heard from Professor Michael Lee on sustainable livestock production in grazing systems, and Dave Harrison on the importance of the Asian market to New Zealand's beef exporters.

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Livestock Handling and Transport

Livestock Handling and Transport

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Adjusting Calf Feeding as the Weather Grows Colder
Helping calves adapt to winter conditions by altering feeding regimes is essential to help calves grow to their full genetic potential, experts from Purina Animal Nutrition say.

Company News

How French Authorities, Industry Mobilised to Contain the Recent Bluetongue Outbreak
FRANCE - French authorities, veterinarians and farmers have mobilised to manage a recent outbreak of bluetongue virus (BTV), thanks to support from Thermo Fisher Scientific.
First Official Veterinarian Conference Calls for Increased Communication
UK - A call for increased information flow between the Animal and Plant Health Agency, private vets and farmers on bovine TB testing, the complexities of arranging the export of travelling horses and challenges around the certification of Pet Passports in the digital age were just some of the topics discussed at the first conference aimed at Official Veterinarians (OVs), which took place 22-23 October 2015 in Swindon.
Market Reports

USDA WASDE - 11 November 2015
AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 10 November 2015

Global Beef Industry News


Cattle Prices Must Rise, Irish Farmers Say

   New Zealand

EU, New Zealand Boost Trade with New Veterinary Agreement

   United Kingdom

Larger Herds Increase Bovine TB Risk
How Can Grazing Systems Produce Livestock Sustainably?
New Protocols to be Set for UK Beef and Lamb Exports to US
Animal Welfare Research Receives Funding Boost
Defra Cuts Could Hurt UK's Animal Disease Preparedness
China Focus for Lamb and Beef Exporters
Lords Look at Creating Resilient EU Agriculture Sector
UK Cattle Industry Needs to Improve Antibiotic Data Use

   United States

CME: Consumer Meat Demand Strong
CME: Total Beef Production Up From Last Year
Manure Management Can Reduce Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
CME: Livestock Futures Turn Bearish
Ag Groups Disappointed After Congress Voted Against Truck Weight Change
US Ag Organisations Get Behind Trans Pacific Partnership
CME: September Meat Export Volumes Sharply Lower
CME: US Beef Imports Expected to Decline
Cattle Producer Says US Has Begun Most Rapid Expansion Ever Seen


More Bluetongue Infections Found in France

   Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to Import Brazilian Beef

   South Africa

South Africa's Benefits Suspended After Failure to Import US Ag Products


Adverse Weather Pushes Food Prices Up in October
New World Agriculture Census to Begin in 2016

   European Union

Report Unveils Dishonest Meat Labelling Across Europe


Australian Livestock Producers Happy With Export Results


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