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Wednesday 20th May 2015.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Novus International

MSD Animal Health

Hay Making This Summer? Learn From the Georgia Washout

Farmers planning summer haymaking in America’s south are being reminded of the 2013 washout and dire consequences thereafter.

Cattle producers were exposed to high feed prices when Georgia recorded one its wettest summers in recent decades two years ago, delaying haymaking and reducing forage quality.

A hard winter compounded problems, leaving herds vulnerable. Supplemental feed had to be bought in at a time when feed costs were at a high point, a US forage expert recalls.

Dennis Hancock, University of Georgia Extension, has emphasised the role quality home grown forage has in reining in production costs.

“Unfortunately, there’s a mentality that all hay is hay, that there’s not any differences,” says Mr Hancock. “In reality, there are a lot of differences.

“Sometimes we can have a bad year, like we did in 2013, and the quality suffers.”

He recommends farmers test forage quality and that lactating cows get best forage and dry cows get lower end hay.

He explains that maintaining body condition in cattle is a “struggle”, but having an inventory of tested hay can help distribute hay optimally across the herd.

“Say a producer has four fields and he harvests his hay four times per year, that’s eight different lots of hay.

“Naturally, through the year, some of that hay is going to be better than others,” says Mr Hancock.

“If they inventory it or have it in a barn in a certain way, and they know where it’s at, they can determine what they need to feed based on how the quality matches the livestock they’re feeding.”


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Eating Meat: Science and Consumption Culture

Eating Meat: Science and Consumption Culture

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Horn Fly in Cattle: Risks and Control
Horn flies on cattle become an increasing problem at this time of year, and this article from Rachel Endecott at Montana State University Extension gives some tips on how to protect your herd.

Cattle on Feed for 20 Days Longer Than 2014
The number of days that cattle are on feed has increased since grain prices slumped in 2014, but what impact has this had on economics and meat quality? Larry Corah, consultant for Certified Angus Beef LLC, explains.

Vaccinate Calves Now For Good Health Through Summer
Spring is a good time to protect your calves from summer illnesses through vaccination. This article from Russ Daly at South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension's iGrow programme offers some tips for producing good vaccination protocols.

How to Make Quality Hay: Understand How it Dries
Don't be fooled - delaying harvest will sacrifice forage quality, warns an Ohio forage expert.

Company News

Survey: Move to Harmonize Interstate Regulations, Testing for Trichomoniasis
US - A recent survey shows more states are moving toward harmonizing interstate regulations and approved testing for trichomoniasis.
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