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Wednesday 18th February 2015.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Novus International

MSD Animal Health

710 Million More Cattle Needed Unless Change Comes

Meeting the protein demands of a growing world population will require over 700 million more cattle in 2050 than today unless production becomes more efficient.

Analysts at Elanco are suggesting that, at current productivity, world cow and water buffalo numbers need to lift from 1.68 billion to 2.38 billion in 35 years.

Such herd expansion is based on calculations at current productivity levels to satisfy a nine billion head population and a 40 per cent increase in beef demand.

This includes a three billion swell in the middle class, expected to bring a 60 per cent demand increase in animal proteins overall.

Considering the figures, which are part of a food security drive entitled The Enough Movement, Elanco technical advisor, Gary Vogel asked whether this is sustainable in a world already using 1.5 times the amount of resources than the world generates each year.

He pointed to the US as a very efficient cattle rearing nation, although said “tremendous opportunities to improve productivity” existed for other countries.

“We have to look at the beef complex around the world,” said Mr Vogel. “Here in the US we are very efficient at what we do and so a lot of things we can do to improve efficiency most livestock producers in the US already do.”

Highlighting parasiticides, anthelmintics and genetics as ways to increase efficiencies, Mr Vogel flagged Indonesia as a country due for improvements.

He stressed that there are no easy, catch-all solutions, instead prescribing a sympathetic approach to restrictions from geography, socio-economics and religion.

He added: “The movement we are trying to create is not to get people to change but to become more aware of what they are doing and try to find ways they can more efficiently produce beef in the future.”

IPPE Digital 2015

Featured Book of the Week

Grassmen: Wilson Farming Part 3

Grassmen: Wilson Farming Part 3

This DVD follows the family run business Wilson Farming as they continue with their harvest season. The Preston silage contracting team put their two Krone harvesters to the test in wet ground conditions, while the Claas 980 demonstrates its pedigree on hire in Shropshire with Jimmy Seaton.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Beef: the Tastiest Multivitamin
A rancher's daughter from Wyoming bangs the drum for beef in the first opinion article in a series from the 2015 Beef Ambassadors.

Do Cows Need Beauty Rest Too?
Sleep may very well be important for cow health, early US research suggests.

How Can I Feed to Optimize Sexual Maturation of Beef Heifers?
Ranch profit is hugely hit by replacement heifer rearing and any strategies to assist in getting animals to sexual maturity faster is a major goal for the beef industry.

In the Showring: Meet Alicia, Young Beef Ambassador
Showing cattle, beef fertility and cow nutrition are up for discussion as we meet a National Beef Ambassador in the first in a series of articles from the 2015 team.

What Is Cold to a Cow?
US - Cows in good condition will need their ration increasing in energy density by one per cent every degree Fahrenheit below the lower critical temperature, US beef producers have been told as a rule of thumb.

Controlling Nuisance Birds - They Eat Half Their Body Weight
Keeping feed costs down may start at pest control - one thousand starlings can eat one hundred pounds of grain daily.

Controlling Foot and Mouth Disease in the Balkans
Veterinary services are being beefed up to minimise the risk of foot and mouth disease in the Balkans.

US Herd Rebuilding Started "in Earnest"
Government data laid doubts of US beef herd rebuilding to rest last month by confirming a 2.1 per cent herd increase in beef cows that calved.

Company News

Dr Travis Cigainero Joins Ceva Animal Health
US - Dr Travis Cigainero, has joined Ceva Animal Health as The Manager of Broiler Technical Services.
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