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TheDairySite Newsletter - 19 September 2014

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Friday 19th September 2014.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Farmers Told to Be Competitive, Dairy Market Will Turn

Current milk price cuts are a blow to confidence but the long term dairy markets outlook remains positive, says the British National Farmers Union (NFU).

Long term world dairy demand growth will remain at two per cent per year and the market will turn at some point, farmers are being reassured.

This was the Union’s message at the UK Dairy Day in Telford this week after coming under fire from some producers accusing the NFU for misleading them over the direction of the market.

High production across much of the northern hemisphere, the Russian ban and China’s withdrawal from the market led to price cuts this summer.

In response, farmers must be competitive, according to NFU dairy board chairman Rob Harrison.

He told TheDairySite that price volatility suits no one, whether producers, processors or retailers.

What remains key is never to become too excited or gloomy when the prices are high or low.

He stressed the importance of understanding the need to produce milk at world prices, adding that the UK is now in the top half of Europe’s milk price table.

This follows the SOS Dairy campaign in 2012 back when UK milk was bought for around 2 pence below the EU average.

In terms of quota abolition, he said: “The UK is still not self-sufficient, there is a lot of headroom in the UK for sustainable growth in our market.“

He played down the effect of the Russian ban, although he said Arla was sending cheese and butter there, meaning they have responded by powdering more milk.

“Most of our milk is in the fresh sector,” explained Mr Harrison, adding that the market will turn and farmers must adjust to lower prices.

Event Roundup

Money to be Saved in Improving Heat Detection: Compilation of recent research shows that each day a cow is open costs €3/cow/day.

Click here to read more about why a 12 month calving interval saves money.

Vaccinations Key to Coping With Climate Change: Technical advisers at Merial see surveillance and vaccinations as key to success as our weather patterns alter and insects bring new threats from abroad. 

Need for Young Blood: Where are we without the next generation coming through?

Two young farmers sounded the alarm on an ageing industry, calling on young people to embrace social media to boost farming’s positive side.

Nurturing talented business minds and giving them a foothold in the industry is a valued feature of supermarkets involvement in addressing this issue.

However, head of agriculture at a leading English college insists that such schemes need to be coordinated and offer a qualification at the end.

Silage Qualities Down: Watch out for reduced silage intake this winter, says Trouw Nutrition’s silage analysis, which concluded that quality is worse than in 2012.

Formulate diets to keep energy high without excess fermentable carbohydrates to avoid rumen acidosis, advised Ruminant Manager Adam Clay.

Featured Book of the Week

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Study Solves Bluetongue Overwintering Mystery
The bluetongue virus, which causes a serious disease that costs the cattle and sheep industries in the United States an estimated $125 million annually, manages to survive the winter by reproducing in the insect that transmits it, report veterinary scientists at the University of California, Davis.

How to Approach Dehorning and Castration on Beef and Dairy Farms
No matter what the system, dehorning and castration options should be made in the best interest of animal health and well-being.

Solve Ration Problems, Observe Your Herd
Forage testing and ration balancing needs to be backed up by observation, from close scrutiny of manure components right down to manure consistency, advises an extension expert.

High Protein Ration Paying Dividends For Holstein Friesians
New Zealand producers considering breeding for the coming year have been told to consider the Holstein Friesian for all-round profitability, high protein milk and merits for land efficiency and beef.

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