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Friday 27th June 2014.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Hoof Trimming: Not About Perfection

Hooftrimmers should not be striving for perfection in their work but assessing individual feet and reacting accordingly, says a world leading cattle lameness expert.

The first 45 per cent of the hoof taken off solves 90 per cent of the problems, hoof health consultant Karl Burgi said at the Large Herd Seminar this week.

“Assessing is key - only take away what you have to,” said Mr Burgi. “I have fewer issues now that I am not trimming feet perfectly.”

His message was that cows should be allowed to wear down small bits of uneveness on their own and that a 120 day trimming interval is good to stick to. 

But cows performing well should not be interfered with.

“We cause more problems by over-trimming,” warned Mr Burgi. “If you are getting good yields from a cow, then leave her alone.”

Professor Christer Bergsten of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences said rubber mats benefit farms and are best used at feeding areas and in holding pens.

He added that a minimum depth of 25mm is best.

However, he admitted rubber mats in the wrong place can be costly to install and encourage lying.

Outlining solutions for this, Prof Bergsten said: “This is a problem but it can be avoided by targeting areas of the farm with rubber – feeding areas are ideal.

“If heifers are coming from straw bedding there is more chance of them lying in alleys.”

Take Time Over Staff Planning

Also at the Seminar was Dairy Coach and staff advisor Tom Wall. He urged the industry to consider staff dynamics, training routines and leadership structures at a time of expansion.

He said that, just like changing the parlour or constructing a new building, an increase in staff requires proper planning.

UK Teats Get Wider With Age: Why?

Older cows developing wider teats are doing so largely because UK teat liners are too wide, milking machinery expert Ian Ohnstad explained.

He prescribed narrow bore teat liners for UK and European farms that pull the teat downwards.

These are widely used in the US, he added.

Will People Rush Out for Monitoring Technologies?

Cow behaviour and feeding expert Professor Trevor De Vries said he would be cautious about investing in products that measure cow behaviour unless he knew there would be clear benefits.

However, he noted that mastitis, sub-acute rumen acidosis and metritis can be predicted from basic changes in behaviour such as lying time, rumination and feed intake.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Heat Stress a Big Problem for Cows in Moderate Climates
Heat stress affects cow conception rate in the 21 day period up to breeding, new research says.

Food Loss: Questions About the Amount and Causes Remain
Two-thirds of the 133 billion pounds (5.9 million tonnes) of food loss in the US in 2010 occurred in homes, restaurants and other place outside the home, and one-third occurred in grocery stores and other food retailers, according to a new report from the USDA Economic Research Service. The authors outline some strategies to reduce these losses.

The Role of Calf Nutrition and Management on Lifetime Productivity of Dairy Cattle
Productivity and health starts when the cow is born, not at her first calving, writes Mike Van Amburgh, associate professor in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University.

Preventing Baleage Spoilage
Indicators such as bale density and forage moisture can be used to monitor bale quality, according to advisers at the University of Maine.

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