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Friday 23rd May 2014.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Novus International

MSD Animal Health

Is Parlour Training Heifers Worthwhile?

Efforts made to initiate heifers to parlour routine may be wasted, according to a research review by a US livestock expert.

Stress limits performance and the transition into the milking herd represents a huge challenge to cows as physiology, diet, housing, management and levels of human contact change, a Tennessee State University dairy expert has told farmers.

Dr Peter Krawczel has outlined a piece of New Zealand research, listing milking disruption and increased mastitis risk as threats from nervous cluster-kicking cows.

He said that human contact is a major factor and pointed to research showing that animals more comfortable around humans give higher yields and components.

However, he concluded that the benefits are hugely dependent on specific animals, advising that ‘training up’ heifers appears fruitless.

The study in question took the 20 most and least wary heifers from a herd - based on a human avoidance test - and monitored performance after a three stage training programme.

Cows were stratified according to response to humans approaching animal flight zones and introduced to various challenges heifers face entering the milk herd.

Entry from holding pen, introduction to noises and touching within the milking parlour were the first two stages, followed by a more robust exploration of a typical milking environment.

Human avoidance, Dr Krawczel added, is considered to be one of the key methods in testing for fear of humans.

Summarising the AgResearch study, he said: “Overall, training did have some advantages, but these benefits were often dependent on the temperament of the heifer.

“For example, the low-response trained heifers allowed an approaching human to come the closest at the end of the training sessions, but the high-response, trained heifers were the group that voluntarily came the closest to a seated human.”

Conversely, a corpus of research exists making a case for positive handling of heifers to reduce their stress response.

Other benefits can be linked to welfare as confident cows walk steadier and cause less hoof aggravation. 

Concluding his reivew of the New Zealand study, Dr Krawczel concluded: “Regardless of these minor behavioural changes, due to the limited benefit for milking performance the data does not support investing time in training heifers.”

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Scrunizing Supershedders in E.Coli Spread
American government scientists are striving to limit the movement of E. coli O157:H7 - a bacteria of no danger to cattle - through the supply chain where it can lead to severe illness in humans.

Helping Survival and Fertility Through Cross Breeding
Cross breeding Holstein cattle can improve conception rates, health and profit margin, and what's more there are numbers to show just exactly by how much.

Don't Think Weather Worries Are Over
As the US waves goodbye to one of the toughest winters in memory, farmers are reminded that it is summer that can challenge cows most.

Simple Steps A Must For Growing Lucerne
Growing Lucerne need not be a headache if some simple growing rules are applied, a leading UK academic has said.

Company News

Two Merit Awards for Novus at Best of NAMA
US - Novus International was recognized with two merit awards at the Best of NAMA in Jacksonville, Florida in April during the annual convention of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA).
Beat the Cold – Improve Productivity with Termotecnica Pericoli
ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli is synonymous with heating and environment, climate management, so it is natural that when it comes to calf comfort during cold months, one looks to them for viable solutions, with their newly released new agriTERM with capacities, from 10kW to 100kW designed to suit your specific requirements.
New Europe Business Unit Manager for Vi-COR
EUROPE - Varied Industries Corporation (Vi-COR®) has announced that Mr Bo Hansen has been accepted to the position of Business Unit Manager for Europe.
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