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TheDairySite Newsletter - 25 October 2013

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Friday 25th October 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Boehringer Ingelheim

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What Does Milk Cost a Farmer?

Each litre of milk sold in the world has a cost of which 70-80 per cent is incurred at producer level.

Managing economic sustainability and profits is therefore determined by controlling these costs, according to the International Farm Comparison Network.

Presenting world dairy production figures at the World Dairy Forum in Cologne, Germany, last month, managing director of the IFCN, Torsten Hemme said that dairy farmers have to be competitive with different milk producing systems and announced that a cost defining tool is progressing to aid farm efficiency.

Average herd figures show the variety in systems being employed around the world and the gulf in production costs.

Data from 2011 showed that milk is more expensive to produce in Canada than the US and that Italian and Scandinavian producers had higher costs than France, Spain and Germany, which in turn had higher costs than the UK.

Milk was cheapest to produce in central Africa and Pakistan as Australia and New Zealand benefitted from cheaper farming than global competitors in the US and EU.

The IFCN expects world milk output to increase 2.3 per cent over the next 10 years, to be driven largely by 50 per cent increases within India, Africa and South America.

Europe, the US and Russia are not expected to lift production greatly, the US being the highest of the three at an estimated 15 per cent.

This was part of several presentations at the Forum which underscored how important economic stability and sustainability are for the dairy sector.

Michel Nalet, European Dairy Association president, discussed national sustainability strategies in the Netherlands and UK.

He told TheDairySite that the two programmes extend beyond the scope of farm economics and into environmental measures.

Both the UK’s Dairy Roadmap and the Dutch Sustainable Dairy Chain have made inroads into reducing the impacts from farmers and processors making the industry ‘greener’.

“The UK’S Dairy roadmap has yielded a 73 per cent reduction in waste to landfill on the processors’ side, and an uptake of 78 per cent of water efficiency measures on the producers’ side,” said Mr Nalet.

“The Dutch project, presented by Mr. Boer from FrieslandCampina, laid out clear targets in relation to climate and energy, animal welfare, grazing and biodiversity.”

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A host of dairy experts assembled to discuss the dairy sector's future and how sustainable milk production can be ensured, including a rigorous assessment what sustainable dairy involves.

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From a survey of Swedish livestock farms, it was revealed that the average number of professional and non-professional visitors per day was 0.3 and 0.8, respectively. The number of visits was affected by herd size, farm type and season, which has implications for farm biosecurity and the potential for the spread of diseases.

Ensuring Healthy Cattle With Roof Design
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How to Manage High Somatic Cell Count in Late Lactation
It is mastitis decision time this month for farmers drying cows off with high somatic cell counts, advise Irish dairy specialists at Teagasc.

Company News

Six Provinces See Second Round of Foot and Mouth Vaccinations
ARGENTINA – Animal health services have commenced the second round of foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccinations, to run from 15 October to 15 December.
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