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Friday 26th July 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

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Policy Progress Causes Lively Debate Across Europe and US

Dairy commentators and legislators have been engaged in further discussions over the future of dairying in both Europe and the US as the industries assess policy renewal.

US tension centred around a stark warning from the International Dairy Foods Association, printed in the Washington Post this week.

The message came from IDFA Senior Vice President Jerry Slominski, who claimed that the Dairy Market Stabilisation Programme would ‘milk the public’.

Described as a 'relic of a long gone age', the programme entails forcing farmers to reduce production or turnover excess supply to the government.

Meanwhile, last month’s agreements on Common Agricultural Policy reform have provided a stable platform on which dairy farmers can base expansion, according to Tom Hayes, Minister of Agriculture for Ireland.

Speaking at a dairy conference in Mitchelstown this week, Minister Hayes referred to the €11 billion of direct payments and rural development schemes as a reason to be positive about the future of dairy.

He also unveiled plans for a dairy quality and sustainability programme that he hoped would put Irish dairy products at the forefront of the global market.

The programme was described as a way of bringing a 'unique selling point' to Irish produce as efforts to grow established exports in the US, UK and EU and develop emerging demand in Russia, the Middle East and China begin.

Minister Hayes listed brand image and food safety as massive advantages that will assist Irish dairying in achieving these goals.

However, progress will not be made without young people entering the industry. This is according to Stephen James, NFU (Wales) deputy chairman.

Welsh farmers are realising that ‘young blood’ is required to provide sustainability in the sector.

But Mr James drew attention to the importance of processor and government support in the short term if reinvestment and expansion are to become a reality.

Without support, the younger generations will not be enticed into businesses and the genuine provenance of Welsh milk could be lost, as could opportunities in the ‘added-value’ market, he added.

This would have tragic consequences on Welsh communities as family farms still make up a large proportion of dairy units.

“Exporting milk across Offa’s dyke means that ‘added-value’ is lost. Keeping this value is important to Welsh communities,” said Mr James.

“There is a genuine provenance of Welsh milk. Many farms are still family run and not conglomerate enterprises. We want to keep family farms going as they keep schools open and communities alive.”

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Heifer Rearing Goals
Targets for rearing heifers have altered in recent years as priority has shifted to weight at time of first calving with age now coming second, write Dave Winston, Virginia State University Extension.

Controlling Birds on Dairy Farms
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Balancing Food Security and Environmental Quality in China
In many ways, the evolution of Chinese agriculture over the past 40 years is a remarkable success story. Spurred by investments in research and government subsidies for fertilizers and other farm technologies, China now feeds 22 per cent of the world's population on just 9 per cent of its total arable land.

Sustainability Initiatives in the Irish Livestock Sector
Great steps are being taken to reduce livestock emissions across Ireland such as farm benchmarking and using carbon navigator tools, says Padraig Brennan from the Irish Food Board (Bord Bia).

Company News

Ceva Helps Vets Promote Responsible Use of Anti-Infectives
UK - Ceva Animal Health was proud to support Herefordshire-based Belmont Veterinary Practice’s recent client workshop on the safe and responsible use of medicines, specifically anti-infectives.
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