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Friday 5th July 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Bolus Provides Ketosis Solution

Farmers across Europe are investing in a Monensin bolus as Ketosis prevention to protect cows over the 95 day ‘energy gap’ period.

This is part of a change in attitude to transition period cow health as veterinarians and farmers look at addressing the worrying statistic that 30 cent of dairy cattle suffer from Ketosis.

From its position on the Rumen mat, the bolus releases Monensin, causing a shift in microbial populations, explained Mike Brown, Director at Elanco, the company producing the Bolus.

“Ketosis is a gateway disorder that has a direct bearing on a number of transition cow conditions directly impacting cow health and welfare, and significantly reduced milk output levels,” said Mr Brown at the Livestock event in Birmingham this week.

“The Monensin works within the rumen to change the bacterial make up which allows for an increase in bacteria, lifting propionate."

Not only that, but the Monensin decreases the percentage of bacteria that produce acetate and butyrate, added Mr Brown.

“The propionate is then translated into glucose – this is energy. So when that cow is energy deficient, it is providing more energy for the cow.”

Identifying cows, at risk from Ketosis, is key to the programme which can then be given the bolus as a preventative measure, he explained.

“This is a preventative measure against Ketosis and has to be administered prior to calving when you would anticipate a cow to go into a Ketotic state. You would not typically use it on all of your cows,” advised Mr Brown.

The bolus goes into an applicator and is shrouded by casing. Mr Brown stated that once the bolus is secreted in the rumen the bolus can remain there for the rest of the cow’s life.

Three ‘wings’ are included on the side of the bolus to prevent regurgitation. The wings fold down in the applicator before the bolus enters the rumen via passing down the oesophagus.

Available in Canada for around eight years, the bolus is rapidly becoming a valued tool in maintaining energy through the periparturient period.

Introducing multiple boluses to the rumen was part of Elanco’s registration study. This has been approved in Canada where there are cows with multiple boluses inside them.

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