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Wednesday 19th June 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Managing With Open Cows

Spending a few dollars on pregnancy testing can help proper management of open cows and maximise cull cow income, worth a fifth of revenue to some farms.

Missing pregnancy can be down to a variety of factors including; climate, nutritional issues and Trichomoniasis that mean it's decision time between buying a new heifer and feeding the old one.

Very seldom is retaining an open cow cost effective, says University of Minnesota, Beef Researcher, Allen Bridges. “In fact, studies have shown the cost of keeping an open cow over winter can exceed $250.”

Although the economics of retaining open cows depends greatly on market trends, on-farm forage sourcing and the price of breeding replacements, Mr Bridges advises farmers that the money spent on open cow diagnosis is worthwhile.

He recommends serology, ultrasonography and rectal palpitation monitoring as measures to allow planned marketing of culled animals so cows can hit the good spring trade.

“For the average beef operation, the marketing of cull animals provides 10-20 per cent of the gross income, so making the best judgment on if or when to send her to market can impact the farms bottom-line,” urges Mr Bridges. “In most years, cull cow prices are also cyclical during the year, peaking in spring and dipping in the fall and winter. This makes sense as most open cows hit the market in the fall after weaning, driving prices down.”

In terms of keeping open cows until the market improves or selling immediately, Mr Bridges admits this is a complex area and one which can require the office calculator. He says that break even costs of maintaining a cow over winter take in lost revenue, additional keep costs and the final weight when sold.

“For example, if you can sell an open cow in November for $900 (Lost Revenue; 1250 lb $72/cwt) and it costs you $200 (Total Additional Costs) to feed her from November to March and she gains 200 lb (1450 lb Final Weight) the minimum price per hundred weight (cwt) you must receive in March to break even would be $76/cwt.”

However, to accurately gauge this, a rough knowledge of spring cull prices needs to be known.

The general 'take home' message from Mr Bridges is to make an informed decision based on whole herd assessment, taking into account markets and future trends of both feed and cattle.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Flies and Fly Problems
Information on the types of flies found on farms that may need to be controlled from 'Fly Management: How to Comply with Your Environmental Permit' from the UK's Environment Agency.

Fertiliser: How Much Is In Each Bale?
A huge cost to farmers growing forage, fertilser is a nonetheless vital expense which has trebled per ton of dry matter produced since 2002, writes Dennis Hancock, Extension Forage Specialist at the University of Georgia.

Utilising Pasture Effectively
Stock management is as important for utilising pasture as grass management is for ensuring quality grazing, say beef consultants at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

What to do With Open Cows?
Due to their costs implications, open cows need to be diagnosed early via a blood test, rectal palpatation or ultrasonography due to the expensive nature of keeping cows over replacing with a new heifer.

Enhancing Safety at Every Step in Food Supply Chain
Few would dispute that the emergence of chilled and frozen food technologies in the last century was a major advance for modern society, transforming all our lives and bringing convenience and choice. In Europe today, consumption of chilled and frozen foods is rising by more than 10 per cent a year.

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