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Friday 14th June 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Regulations Pose Questions For Producers

Romanian agriculture runs the risk of putting its dairy farmers at a severe disadvantage should genomic trading regulations, currently on review, end up on the statute books.

The changes will sever the link between global genetics companies and commercial Romanian cattle units. Instead, transactions will have to occur through a local cattle or animal husbandry association.

Michael Henney of the Council for Agricultural Affairs for Romania told TheCattleSite that this will hinder the development of the sector at a time when fast progress is needed to expand in a post-quota production environment.

"It is pretty evident that if you want to improve the quality of your animal genetics and you don’t have the stocks to do that domestically, you have to infuse better quality genetics from elsewhere,” stated Mr Henney.

“It’s an interesting manoeuvre by the government if their interests really are to make the local livestock sector competitive with the European Union,” he added.

“With the dairy quota set to come off in the next couple of years, if the Romanians don’t improve their genetic stock and improve their productivity they will remain uncompetitive with much more efficient operations in Germany, Denmark etc.”

Not only affecting what enters Romania, the changes could also affect the revenue stream for genetic material leaving the US. Over the past two years semen exports to Romania have increased to 394,147 units last year.

This was twice the amount bought in 2011 and worth $715,000 to the US economy.

The decision is part of a general regulatory review of insemination practice and storage. The ministry is also introducing stipulations on semen quality, including a mandatory verification certificate that can only be issued following serological disease testing.

While government intervention could indirectly affect the US industry, lobbying from farmers this week over market intervention told Senate Agriculture Committee leaders to carefully consider which dairy support scheme is best for the industry.

In a letter written by Wisconsin Dairy Association President, Jerry Meissner, senators were urged to opt for the Dairy Freedom Act, drawn up by congress men Bob Goodlatte and David Scott as opposed to the Dairy Security Act, which includes the Dairy Market Stabilisation Programme.

The DSA causes dread in the industry, explained Mr Meissner, and could jeapardise the passage of the 2013 Farm Bill.

By expanding government influence, the DSA will increase the cost of milk to the consumer. Otherwise, the two approaches are largely comparable in providing insurance against catastrophic risk.

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Fly Management Techniques
Measures for fly prevention on farms and control measures are outlined in 'Fly management: How to comply with your environmental permit' from the UK's Environment Agency.

Acidosis Feed Additives Trial
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Good baleage will be wrapped within 12 hours of baling and have a moisture level between 40 and 60 per cent, according to Ray Smith, Forage Extension Specialist at the University of Kentucky.

The Prevalence of Lameness on New Zealand Dairy Farms : A Comparison of Farmer Perception and Mobility Scoring
This study, by Jessica Fabian, Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey University compared prevalence of lameness with farmer perceptions in cows kept in New Zealand pasture conditions.

The Relationship Between Nutritional Status and Bovine Welfare Associated to Adoption of Intensive Silvopastoral Systems in Tropical Conditions
Cattle comfort can be ensured in Intensive Silvopastoral Systems by using woodland grazing to acclimatise livestock to heat and offer protection from changeable weather and thirst, Colombian researchers have found.

Company News

Imaxio Signs Option for License Agreement to Develop Veterinary Vaccines
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