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Wednesday 15th May 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Consider Silage Plans Carefully This Summer

Spring has arrived and, as thoughts turn to future forage plans, researchers and extension staff are advising farmers to think carefully about timing cuts.

Unseasonably cold weather has delayed UK grass growth by four weeks, the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute has said.

Dry matter per hectare at the start of May was at 20 kg/ha, a third of average rates for the time of year.

Consequently, farmers should regularly walk their pasture to assess sward development. But it is not a simple case of waiting for bulk to accumulate.

The AFBI has warned Northern Irish farmers to consider the quality versus quantity balance.

Grass quantity will fall faster than normal because grasses have turned reproductive because of daylight hours. This, the AFBI explained, means grass leaf material to stem ratio is lower.

“During March and April silage swards should have been building up a large reserve of high quality leaf. This is essential to buffer the lower quality stems as they extend up into the canopy and so maintain the overall herbage sward quality at cutting.

“Longer daylight hours mean these stems are reproductive. Plants only want to produce stem and finish developing any existing leaves, including the final flag leaf that surrounds the emerging seed head. They will not start to produce any new leaves to replace the ones that are missing. So the normal balance between leaf and stem will not occur and the risk is that grass quality will fall much faster than expected.”

While extra attention in cutting fields is advised in Northern Ireland, a University of Kentucky Forage Adviser is advocating alfalfa stands as a pasture crop.

Nitrogen costs and drought survival are the reasons why Garry Lacefield is telling farmers to consider grazing alfalfa this year.

As the highest yielding perennial forage legume, alfalfa can achieve average daily gains of 2lbs when grazed.

Hay yields fall if there are fewer than three alfalfa plants per square foot but excellent beef gains can be made with as little as one plant per square foot, according to Mr Lacefield.

Additionally, the deep root systems make alfalfa hardy in drought summers.

Sceptics will question alfalfa because of bloat and labour requirements but Mr Lacefield stated fear of bloat costs more money than bloat itself. Furthermore, once land is strip fenced the labour time and costs are lower than that of a hay harvest.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Alfalfa For Grazing
With total season weight gains of over 800lb/acre observed in trials and demonstrations, alfalfa grazing could be a worthwhile way of extending then productive life of your alfalfa hay stands, according to Garry Lacefield, University of Kentucky.

Predicting Grass Silage Timing 2013
Irish farmers are being advised to walk silage frequently to assess crops, after a delayed spring has caused growth rates to fall to around a third of average at 20 kg dry matter per hectare for April.

Beef Cattle Researchers Explore Nutritional Strategies to Time Puberty in Replacement Heifers
By weaning early and feeding high concentrate diets, researchers believe they can speed up pregnancy optimisation in replacement heifers. This is linked to propionate being created in the rumen and the build up of leptin in the blood.

New Discovery Makes Detecting Johne’s Disease Easier
USDA scientists have got round the issue of inaccurate Johne's disease testing by finding an antibody that specifically reacts to the Johne's bacterium.

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