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Friday 18th January 2013.
Chris Harris - TheDairySite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

Editorial: Mixed picture for global dairying

Reports showing market optimism in New Zealand as Fonterra shares rise, Spanish dairy farm numbers halving this century and fears of production levels plateauing in Uruguay show a mixed picture of the global dairy industry this week.

After gaining 25 per cent value on opening day, Fonterra shares have continued to appreciate. Earlier this week they were reported at NZ$7.35 six weeks after being made available.

The efficiency of the New Zealand industry is also said to be improving. Extensive culling has seen national herd numbers drop by 20,000 but yield per head has offset the decrease.

Both New Zealand and Australia have been coping with wild fires caused long dry period and recent hot weather. No significant disruption to production and supply was noted by Dairy Australia, who, in their latest market commentary release, reported an improving sector with an export index at 230.6 USD up from 255.0 a month ago.

Farmgate prices have been rising in the UK to address concerns over the cost of production but are required to rise further to sustain producers, the most recent government figures have shown.

Average UK farmgate price increased 3.2 per cent from October reaching 30.02ppl in November. The Northern Ireland average also increased by 2.49ppl beating to a stronger 31.05 ppl increasing 8.7 per cent.

The importance of dairy farming to the continued development of Ukrainian agri-business has been shown this week.

Rapid development in Ukraine livestock sectors, aided mostly by federal subsidies, has resulted in a 13.6 per cent in January to November milk production, agriculture minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk has said.

The dairy products surplus stood at $347.4 million in November for the year. Cheese products accounted for 43.3 per cent of this at a considerable 62,500 tons.

Elsewhere, there have been less positive reports with Miguel Blanco, Secretary General of the Coordinator of farmers’ and ranchers revealing on Spanish Radio that dairy farm numbers have halved this century largely thanks to unfair milk pricing caused by supermarket chains.

Feed and other inputs costs have sparked debate in South America as production costs are not set to rise above farmgate milk prices in 2013.

The negative dairy outlook in Uruguay is worsened by government milk production forecasts predicting a stagnant 2013.

Calculations by the Office of the Agricultural Policy Programme have said that growth rates of seven per cent through 2012 and 12 per cent in 2011 will not be bettered, meaning that despite an expected farmgate price rise in the coming months, farmers will struggle to make large profits.

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