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Wednesday 9th January 2013.
Michael Priestley - Editor

Michael Priestley

Editorial: Oxford Farming Conference Round Up

The importance of developing genetic science within the beef sector was the message from Mark Smith, Director at Genus to the Oxford Farming Conference.

He said genetic experimentation had much more to achieve. Improved animal performance has been noted but apprently not close to theoretically achievable rates of gain.

This came in one of several talks delivered by industry experts, politicians and scientists at this year's Oxford Farming Conference. Held at Oxford University last week, the event showcased new technologies, information and understanding about global and UK farming.

Mr Smith said that the beef sector had much more to do regarding genetic technologies. Improved animal performance has been noted but apprently not close to theoretically achievable rates of gain.

The act of gene editing was listed as a safe method to use. Mr Smith added that this is because only minor genetic changes are made which often occur naturally in mutations.

However, introducing other mammalian, bacterial, viral and plant genes in genetic material requires caution. Mr Smith added that careful analysis is necessary to assess the risks involved in such engineering.

Genetic engineering could impact on future food safety issues which were explored by Mike Gooding, Conference Chairman. In his talk on farming’s value to society, Mr Gooding warned of the growing problems of UK energy security, climate change and feeding 63.5 million native residents.

Mr Gooding also discussed the place of farming in UK society and its hidden benefits. He revealed a new study showing that farmland biodiversity is worth £938 million to the UK economy.

UK Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson told the conference that the extra services such as conservation and landscape maintenance that farming deliveres are not recognised by the markets. He added that the crafts, time and money required in custodial work are also widely ignored by consumers.

EU matters also received attention. Fund distribution and territorial differences were stressed as difficult subjects for the coming year by European Member of Parliament, Mairead McGuinness.

Livestock subsidies switching from headage payments to hectare based calculations have caused concern in Brussels. Mrs McGuinness said that the EU’s more difficult regions need farming to survive otherwise land abandonment could be a major problem in provincial areas.

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