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TheDairySite Newsletter - 23 November 2012

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Friday 23rd November 2012.
Chris Harris - TheDairySite Editor in Chief

Chris Harris
Editor in Chief

Editorial: Schmallenberg Virus Expected to Spread Across Europe

A new report from the European Food Safety Authority predicts that new cases of Schmallenberg virus are likely to be found in Southern and Eastern Europe next year.

Over the last year, the virus has spread from the eight countries - Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom - that had first reported its presence to another five countries - Denmark, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland - as well as new regions of France, UK and Germany.

The virus has also been found in Austria and Ireland this year.

However, EFSA says that although the number of reported cases is growing, the proportion of the herds in the EU that have been affected is small.

The maximum proportion of confirmed cattle herds is 4 per cent and 6.6 for sheep flocks. Approximately 6,000 holdings have had the presence of SBV confirmed by laboratory tests.

When the EU discontinues milk quotas in 2015, the sector can expect a great deal of market turbulence, but its true effect is not yet known.

Mark Voorbergen, Independent Dairy Consultant, speaking at the Teagasc National Dairy Conference has said that economic rationale will take over eventually, but in the initial years after the termination of the quota system, market turbulence seems inevitable.

Processors in the European growth regions will find themselves busy building the required capacity and creating new market access for these volumes.

He said: "Looking through the increased volatility of recent years reveals an overall upward trend for global commodity prices since 2001. Every peak tends to be higher than the last one and lows get higher as well. Developments in recent months indicate that supply is increasingly challenged to keep up with global demand growth."

A European Dairy Farmers report shows that while the UK is a competitive milk producer with some of the lowest production costs in the EU, along with Ireland it has achieved on average a lower yield per cow than other producers in Western Europe.

The report results are similar to those from an IFCN report in 2012 and confirm the results from DairyCo's Milkbench+ analysis that milk yield is not a determinant of profitability but the total cost of production is.

The reports suggest there is a danger in chasing yield which will result in high production cost systems, which are not sustainable.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Genetic Parameters for Perinatal Mortality in Irish Dairy Cattle
The Animal and Grassland Innovations Centre and TEAGASC have gathered data from Irish Cattle Breeding Federation for the years 2002 to 2011. They looked into whether perinatal mortality rates could be decreased through exploiting genetic variation traits.

Role of Breeding, Genetics in the Welfare of Farm Animals
Breeding for higher productivity may be associated with a deterioration in the welfare of farm animals but genetics can also contribute to solving issues such as aggression in pigs and laying hens, according to a recent review paper.

Effects of Dystocia on Subsequent Performance in Dairy Cows
Researchers for TEAGASC have found that dystocia significantly impacts on milk production and reproductive performance. Building on recent work by academics such as D.P Berry and J.M Mee the report sampled over 2 million calving events since 2002 and indicates the economic significance of dystocia to the profitability of Irish farms.

Diagnosis Murder - DNA Profiling to Help Farmers
In September 2000, Ian Lowther, a UK national, was sentenced to life imprisonment for a murder he committed 23 years earlier. His conviction was made possible by advances in biotechnology, which allowed forensic scientists to match his DNA to samples found on the victim's body. Since then, DNA profiling has become standard crime scene practice.

Company News

Video: Sampling for Contaminants in Animal Feed
GLOBAL - A new video from Biomin provides facts about sampling of microbiological and chemical contaminants in animal feed.
Biomin Romania Exhibits at Farmer and Indagra 2012
ROMANIA - October and November were busy months for BIOMIN Romania as there were two very important fairs to attend.
Market Reports

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