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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 29 August 2012

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Wednesday 29th August 2012.

Charlotte Johnston - TheBeefSite Editor

Charlotte Johnston

Editorial: Hard Times Continue for Cattle Producers

From an historical perspective, cattle prices in the US are very good, Don Close, Vice President of Rabobank's Food and Agribusiness Research for Animal Proteins, told TheBeefSite.

However, exceedingly high calf prices and an unprecedented rise in feed grain prices are making this one of the hardest ever years for those finishing cattle.

Some feedlots are reported to be making in excess of $200 per head loss.

Mr Close explained that across the US, small feedyards are radically understocked. In some cases owners have depopulated yards and gone into a hibernating mode to wait out current market conditions.

When asked whether some feedyards were going out of business, he said: "Liquidation of cattle costs, so yes, there are some, who are having to call it a day."

Cow-calf herds liquidate

Last year saw herds in Wyoming, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Montana expand, despite the vast herd liquidation that occurred in the South due to the drought.

However, the 2012 drought has had a much further reach.

Despite conditions improving in the South, herds down there are still not in a position to begin rebuilding.

And this year, herds in the North are the worst affected by the drought. Efforts to rebuild herds have been quashed by severe pasture deterioration and many producers have been forced to liquidate herds.

Mr Close said that it would be at least two years until the national herd begins to stabilise and that is if conditions were to correct today.

Charlotte Johnston

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Crimped Maize Grain Offers Performance Benefits
Feeding ensiled crimped maize grain instead of barley to intensively finished dairy-bred bulls reduces feed costs by 10 p per kg of gain, according to Simon Marsh from Harper Adams University College in the UK.

Re-emergence of Brucellosis in Cattle in France and Risk for Human Health
Researchers report on the investigation into a single case of human brucellosis diagnosed in France in January 2012. The source of infection was identified as unpasteurised cheese from a neighbouring farm but the source of the bacteria is still under investigation.

Comparison of the Effects of Three Different Dehorning Techniques on Behaviour and Performance in Feeder Cattle in a Western Kansas Feedlot
Dehorning is carried out to protect other cattle and prevent bruising to the carcase. Here C.D. Neely, D.U. Thomson, C.A. Kerr, D.E. Anderson, and C.D. Reinhardt from Kansas looks at the effects of tipping, dehorning and banding on the behaviour and performance of feeder cattle.

Challenges, Opportunities for Scottish Beef Industry
This report, put together by Quality Meat Scotland, looks at the opportunities and challenges facing Scottish beef production, from the producer to the market place.

Pfizer Supports Efforts of US Farmers, Ranchers Alliance
US - US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) announced that Pfizer Animal Health has joined USFRA, becoming the first animal health company member of USFRA's Premier Partner Advisory Group.
Copasure Essential for Beef Ranches, Says Producer
US - Cattle rancher Leo Acquistapace describes the Copasure bolus as the most effective copper supplementation product available.
Merial Reveals Incredible Life of the Liver Fluke
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