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TheDairySite Newsletter - 17 August 2012

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Editorial: Adverse Weather Takes it Toll on Producers

It's not just the US which is suffering from extreme weather conditions, recovering from 10 years of drought Australian producers are asking the government for drought relief measures. Meanwhile, European producers are feeling the pinch as feed prices rise rapidly.

In the US, industry is increasing the pressure on the Environmental Protection Agency to waive the amount of corn ethanol that must be produced under the nation's Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). It is hoped this may free up tight corn supplies.

Livestock farmers who rely on corn to feed their animals are struggling to find sufficient corn feedstock, and some dairy farmers are looking to reduce their herd size, which would limit the available supply of farm milk.

However, a study produced this week suggests that corn prices would not necessarily moderate if the federal government's corn ethanol mandate were temporarily suspended.

The range of impact of an RFS waiver goes from zero to $1.30 per bushel for corn," said Wally Tyner, an energy policy specialist and the report's lead author.

With corn crops shriveling in the field and yield projections dropping almost weekly, corn prices have jumped 60 per cent since June 15. A bushel of corn has topped $8.

The drought is not only affecting producers in the US. Despite being drought-free for the first time in a decade, Australian farmers are pushing the government to provide some form of drought relief, as meteorologists predict the return of dry El Niño conditions.

Meetings have taken place this week between industry and government to work through the proposed drought reform measures.

"The Government's drought policy must find the balance between allowing farmers to build self-reliance through their own risk management and preparedness, and ensuring that appropriate assistance is available to farmers in the case of a severe or prolonged drought," said National Farmers' Federation President Jock Laurie.

The adverse weather conditions seen across the world are also affecting livestock producers in Europe, as the prices for wheat and soya rise rapidly.

Drought in North America is driving supply side concerns, and wet weather has meant a delayed harvest in Northern Europe, which has put pressure on domestic supplies.

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Charlotte Johnston

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Early Weaning, DDGS Feed Could Cut Costs for Cattle Producers
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