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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 15 August 2012

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Editorial: Adverse Weather Takes it Toll Globally

The US Department of Agriculture has announced that it will purchase up to $170 million of meat for federal food programmes, to help producers being impacted by the drought.

The government said in a press release that this was part of the Obama Administration's commitment to do everything it can to help those being affected.

Whilst thankful for this commitment to buy meat (albeit a mere fraction of what is produced), the industry has criticised the government for not fully addressing the issue of high feed costs and the effects this has had on subsequent years' supplies.

On top of this, industry has received no response to its request for an alteration to the renewable fuel standard that would release corn stocks from ethanol use.

Following on from this announcement, President Obama highlighted the need for the Farm Bill on a trip to Iowa.

Earlier this month the US House of Representatives departed for their five-week August holiday without finalising the pending Farm Bill.

The drought is not only affecting producers in the US. Despite being drought-free for the first time in a decade, Australian farmers are pushing the government to provide some form of drought relief, as meteorologists predict the return of dry El NiƱo conditions.

Meetings have taken place this week between industry and government to work through the proposed drought reform measures.

"The Government's drought policy must find the balance between allowing farmers to build self-reliance through their own risk management and preparedness, and ensuring that appropriate assistance is available to farmers in the case of a severe or prolonged drought," said National Farmers' Federation President Jock Laurie.

The adverse weather conditions seen across the world are also affecting livestock producers in Europe, as the prices for wheat and soya rise rapidly.

Drought in North America are driving supply side concerns, and wet weather has meant a delayed harvest in Northern Europe, which has put pressure on domestic supplies.

Charlotte Johnston

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Drought and the Cattle Industry
The beef industry has already experienced a number of difficult years characterised by falling cow numbers and declining per capita beef supplies. There was hope in the first-half of this year that this downward production phase was coming to an end, but the drought of 2012 has erased those hopes, writes Chris Hurt, Purdue University. So, where is the cattle industry today, and what do we know about the impacts of this year's drought?
Wean Calves Early to Avoid Pasture Damage
Cow-calf producers should consider weaning calves now to help reduce the demand on pastures and get cows in better condition prior to winter, according to Denise Schwab, beef specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
Successful Forage Seeding Methods
Successful establishment of new pastures or hayfields begins with thoughtful selection of the forage species to be planted, writes Bruce Anderson, Extension Forage Specialist with the University of Iowa.
Iowa Cattle Market Situation and Outlook
With two reports released recently by the USDA observing cattle inventories, Lee Schulz from the University of Iowa looks at them in more detail.
Early Weaning, DDGS Feed Could Cut Costs for Cattle Producers
If the drought forces producers to feed a larger portion of distillers dried grains with solubles, cattle can maintain gains and improve meat quality if the animals are weaned early, a Purdue University scientist has shown.
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Copasure Offers Long Term Copper Benefits
US - Cows that had been pushed to the limit on a Californian ranch are now in excellent health after a rescue strategy incorporating Copasure boluses.
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