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TheDairySite Newsletter - 13 July 2012

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Editorial: Busy Week for Global Dairy Industry

It has been a ground shaking week for the dairy industry, with demonstrations over milk prices in Europe and the Farm Bill still causing a divide in the US dairy industry.

Farmers Take to the Streets over Milk Prices

In Europe, hundreds of dairy farmers gathered in Brussels to demonstrate in front of the European Parliament over plummeting milk prices.

The European Milk Board, which organised the protest, blames over-production. The group says that the excess supply on the European milk markets is pushing milk prices to dangerously low levels, threatening the farmers' livelihoods.

In the UK, recent drops in farmgate milk prices forced nearly 3000 dairy producers to congregate in London for an emergency dairy summit.

The most recent price reductions will come into force on 1 August 2012. However, the dairy industry has united in calls for these price decreases to be reversed.

If nothing is agreed between industry, processors and retailers over the next two weeks, many dairy producers are ready to participate in direct action, including pouring milk away and protesting in the streets.

Unlike the oversupply of milk in mainland Europe, the price cuts are due to significant falls in cream prices over the last 12 months, affecting processor profit margins.

Dairy Security Act Divides Industry

In the US, the House Agriculture Committee has approved the Farm Bill, taking it one step closer to being implemented. The Farm Bill has caused somewhat of a controversy in the US, dividing the dairy industry.

The Farm Bill would replace dairy subsidies with insurance programmes. The Dairy Policy Reforms that were included in the Farm Bill in April would allow farmers to voluntarily opt into an insurance plan that would pay out when milk prices drop below a certain price. However, they would also be required to cut back production through a supply control programme, the Dairy Market Stabilisation Programme.

Supporters say that the insurance programme would protect dairy producers throughout difficult times and act as a safety net.

However, opponents have criticised the Act, saying that it is adamantly opposed to government supply management. They believe that such control measures would stifle the industry and seriously affect exports. There are also concerns that many small farmers may be pushed out of business.

This week a proposed amendment to the Dairy Act was rejected, leaving the opposition disappointed. The amendment would have replaced the Dairy Market Stabilisation Programme with a dairy farmer safety net without the government-mandated supply management provision.

The Farm Bill will now go to the Chambers before being passed onto the House and Senate.

Elsewhere in the US, hope is fading as drought continues to take its toll. The most recent USDA report shows the 2012-13 corn production estimate has been affected, dropping to 12.97 billion bushels, a 1.82 billion bushel decrease.

Charlotte Johnston

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

US Dairy Outlook: May Milk Production Increased
May 2012 23 major dairy states milk production increased 2.1 per cent. Production per cow was up by 22 pounds from one year ago, writes Kristen Schulte from the Iowa State University.
New Study Maps Hotspots of Human-animal Infectious Diseases and Emerging Disease Outbreaks
A new global study mapping human-animal diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and Rift Valley fever finds that an "unlucky" 13 zoonoses are responsible for 2.4 billion cases of human illness and 2.2 million deaths per year. The vast majority occur in low- and middle-income countries.
Strategies for Renewed Forage Production
Six dollar corn. Fourteen dollar beans. Bring out the plow and disk. Tear up the hay ground, pasture, and CRP. Let's make some real money, writes Bruce Anderson, Extension Forage Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Large Herd Seminar Continues to Break Records
"Many dairy farmers forego very significant profit opportunities in the false pursuit of reducing input costs," Steve Eicker, an expert in farm financial performance and the use of data to monitor current dairy herd performance, told delegates attending the 2012 Large Herd Seminar in Gloucestershire in June 2012.
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* Market Reports

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* Company News

IBR Vaccine Programme Offers Simplicity
UK - Protection from IBR for up to 12 months is available to beef and dairy farmers using a new vaccination programme.
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News

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