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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 27 June 2012

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 27th June 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

EDITORIAL: Global Plan to Eliminate FMD

FAO and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) have joined forces to fight foot-and-mouth disease on a global scale.

The two organisations underlined, however, that only solid commitments from global partners will make the strategy possible, as they opened an international meeting in Bangkok supported by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The announcement at the opening session of the FAO/OIE global conference in Bangkok set out a global strategy combining two tools developed by the FAO and OIE.

FAO is emphasising the need for collective action to better control FMD where it is a high burden to millions of farmers, pastoralists and commercial operators.

Most importantly, for the poorest farmers who often depend on just a few animals, foot-and-mouth disease means hunger and economic ruin when it strikes and cuts off people's only source of income and protein.

The OIE tool, called the Performance of Veterinary Services Pathway (PVS), evaluates national veterinary services with the aim of bringing them into compliance with OIE quality standards. Reliable veterinary services ensure the quality and safety of livestock production. In turn, strong veterinary systems protect the safety of food sources, trade and animal health, and as such, are a global public good.

FAO developed the Progressive Control Pathway for Foot-and-Mouth Disease, the PCP-FMD, which guides countries through a series of incremental steps to better manage FMD risks, beginning with active surveillance to establish what types of FMD virus strains are circulating in the country and neighbouring areas.

The process moves countries continuously towards improved levels of FMD control and thus an eventual opening to trade and international markets. A key pillar of the PCP-FMD involves coordinating efforts with countries in the same region in order to control the disease systematically across porous national boundaries.

FAO and OIE are confident that the task is achievable following the success in eliminating rinderpest.

"The successful eradication of rinderpest, a joint effort by scientists, governments, donors, veterinarians and farmers, clearly shows that we can reduce and even eliminate the threat of major diseases," said Juan Lubroth, FAO's chief veterinary officer.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Dynamic and Positive Climate for Beef
In the long term demand for beef globally is expected to be good writes Chris Harris.
Older or Better, The Longevity Debate
More longevity and fertility in the cowherd seem like a “no brainer.” But when those pursuits come at the expense of uniformity or other functionality, it could pay to do some hard studying, writes Miranda Reiman for Certified Angus Beef.
Economic Benefits of Managed Grazing Systems
The main goal for any livestock operation is to turn a profit. Despite the currently high cattle prices, this can still be a challenging goal for many in the beef cow/calf business, particularly with the rising costs of inputs, writes Jeff Duchene, Central Minnesota Regional Grazing Specialist at the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
Individual Factors Associated with L- and H-Type BSE in France
In what they believe is the first study of atypical cases of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in France, researchers based in Lyon found that the cases were detected in animals much older than for the classical form of the disease. There was a significant geographical cluster in central France for one of the atypical forms although this may have been due to the BSE testing scheme in place.
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* Market Reports

 » UK Slaughter Statistics - June 2012
 » Irish CSO Livestock Slaughterings - May 2012
 » AHDB European Market Survey - 22 June 2012
 » AHDB UK Market Survey - 22 June 2012
 » Irish CSO - Output, Input and Income in Agriculture

* Company News

Exploiting Natural Defences of Farm Animals to Control Infectious Diseases
NETHERLANDS - Pfizer announced the launch of a new Public-Private partnership research program, ALTANT - ASIA in collaboration with leading scientists in the Netherlands, seeking to develop alternative strategies to protect farm animals from infectious disease by minimising the likelihood of inducing antibiotic resistance.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » Producing Quality Beef from the Suckler Herd
 » Delayed Silage Harvest Will Cost Farmers
 » Sustainability Development Programme for Irish Food
 » Value of Irish Agriculture Rises

   United Kingdom

 » Quality and Quantity in Livestock Classes for Yorkshire Show
 » Sustainable Intensification to Weather Perfect Storm
 » Call for Priorities to be Supported in CAP Negotiations
 » New England Bovine TB Eradication Advisory Group
 » Adapting to a Changing Climate
 » Badger Cull Heard in Court
 » NFUS Board Set for Supermarket Sweep
 » Bright Future for Scottish Red Meat Industry
 » UK Cattle Slaughterings Fall
 » Signet to Take Ultrasound to New Level

   United States

 » Veterinary Medicine Contributes $1.5 bn to Minnesota
 » CME: Increase in Number of Cattle Placed on Feed
 » National Beef Fined $32,500 for GIPSA Breeches
 » Increased Trade with Russia will Benefit US Farmers
 » Meat Without Drugs Campaign Launched
 » Treating Mastitis in Dairy Cattle with Vitamin D
 » Early Calf Weaning May Prove Beneficial This Year
 » Senate Passes Farm Bill
 » CME: A Glimpse into Livestock Slaughter Stats
 » Legislation to Prohibit Extreme Confinement Crates
 » NCBA Applauds Senate Passage of Farm Bill
 » Cattle Outlook: Dry Weather A Concern
 » CME: Total on Feed Supplies Up from a Year Ago
 » Warm Weather Brings Disease Risk
 » Angus Producers Take Part in Dakota Feedlot Study
 » Antimicrobials that Destroy Bacteria, Solve Resistance
 » CME: Crop Condition Ratings Not as Bad as Expected
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » CME: Livestock and Poultry Reports to be Released

Animax Veterinary Health
   European Union

 » NFU Support for Proportionate CAP Fines
 » VION Reorganises Food Activities
 » Risk Assessment of GM Animals
 » Auditors Organic Report - a Model for EU Regulation?


 » BRF and Marfrig Asset Swap Completed
 » Brazilian Meat Production Ready for Decade of Growth


 » Canada-South Korea End Beef Trade Row
 » Commissioner Calls for Sustainable Agriculture
 » No Farmers, No Food, No Future
 » Chile-China Trade Agreements Signed

   New Zealand

 » NZ Grass-fed Beef on Menu for Japan and Korea
 » Beef Farmers Take Top Environmental Award

Biomin - the natural way

 » Cattle Slaughter to Rise Over Next Two Years
 » Plan Ahead to Avoid Calving Difficulties
 » Effectively Managing Out-of-Season Calvers
 » Bos Taurus Genetics Increases Risk of Ticks
 » Senate Calls for New Agricultural Body
 » Reducing Emissions and Boosting Productivity


 » Canadian Cattle Herd Rebuilding

   Russian Federation

 » Slow Start to 2012 Russian Beef Imports


 » Antibiotics Use in Livestock Farming Drops Further


 » Egypt Reports FMD Outbreaks


 » FMD NEWS: FAO and OIE Unveil Global Strategy

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