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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 20 June 2012

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 20th June 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Will Dry Weather Delay Herd Rebuilding?

Drought is expanding in the south eastern US to the North and West, causing concern among crop and livestock producers.

The situation has improved to some degree from a year ago, but much of the US is still seeing exceptionally dry conditions.

And the latest Crop Progress report has shown conditions have got worse since the beginning of May, with the condition of the pastures deteriorating.

The poorer pasture conditions have created a dilemma for the producers, who are endeavouring to rebuild the herds.

According to market analysts Steve Meyer and Len Steiner, beef cow slaughter was down by more than 15 per cent between April and June, indicating attempts to rebuild the herd. Dairy cow slaughter, however, was up on last year.

General daily slaughter numbers are on the rise and the analysts believe that more beef cows are now coming to slaughter.

While the numbers of beef cows coming for slaughter are not expected to reach last year's levels, the poor pastures are likely to keep numbers up and delay the desired rebuilding of the herds and the testing time will come later in the summer.

As well as an increase in lighter cattle coming off US pastures, drought-induced feeder cattle exports from Mexico have also increased, pushing up slaughter.

It has been reported that feeders in the US are also under increasing pressure due to high feed prices and declining feeder availability.

But while feed prices are high, feedlot margins are tight and Derrell Peel from Oklahoma State University believes that it will be a few months before the feedlot numbers fall enough to support higher feedlot prices.

"In a world of high feed and feeder cattle prices and declining feeder availability, the squeeze on feedlots is likely to persist for many months," Dr Peel says.

If the corn crop hits record highs this year, it will alleviate the situation to some degree, but it will not compensate for all the losses.

Chris Harris

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Drought Management Plan - Minimising Effects
Drought cannot be avoided, but, the effects can be minimised, writes Lance Smith, Southwest Minnesota Regional Grazing Specialist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
No Indication of Coxiella burnetii Infection in Norwegian Farmed Ruminants
All samples were negative for antibodies against C. burnetii, the bacterium that causes Q–fever, according to newly published research from Oslo. The estimated prevalence of infected herds was zero for Norwegian dairy cattle herds, beef cattle herds, goat herds and sheep flocks.
Modification of Beef Quality through Steer Age at Slaughter, Breed Cross and Growth Promotants
To improve beef tenderness, producers should use British crossbreds, slaughter the animals at 12 to 13 months of age and not use hormonal implants, recommend Canadian researchers following a study looking at factors affecting beef quality from steers.
Private Industry Invests Heavily into Agricultural Productivity
Over the past several decades, private-sector firms have become major players in developing new innovations for agriculture worldwide ,writes the USDA Economic Research Service.
* Market Reports

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 » QMS (Quality Meat Scotland) June Market Report 2012
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* Company News

BIOMIN Ukraine Celebrates 5th Anniversary
UKRAINE - June 1 2012 marked not only the beginning of summer but was also the day BIOMIN Ukraine celebrated its 5th anniversary.
What Strategies are Used to Counteract Endotoxic Effects in Animals?
GLOBAL - Biomin has released a new technical video answering the question: "What strategies are used to counteract endotoxic effects in animals?"
Meriden Exhibits at the China National Feed Show
CHINA - Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech, Meriden Animal Health Limited's sister company in China, recently exhibited at the National Feed Show.
US - Pfizer Animal Health announces the availability of two new brands, ALVERIN PLUS (ivermectin/clorsulon) and FLUNIXAMINE (flunixin meglumine), providing additional animal health tools for producers and veterinarians. Both products offer a high-quality, competitively priced animal health option from Pfizer Animal Health for ivermectin/clorsulon and flunixin meglumine.
Animax Veterinary Health
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


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   European Union

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 » Significant Boost to Danish Crown's Trade with China Biomin - the natural way

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