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TheDairySite Newsletter - 15 June 2012

TheDairySite Weekly Newsletter
Friday 15th June 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Support for Young Farmers - A Political Priority for the Future

It is disheartening to read a recent brief produced by the European Commission, which confirms that despite EU and Member State initiatives, the farming population is getting older and the number of young farmers in the EU is still rapidly decreasing.

The decline of agriculture as an economic activity in terms of providing employment is a common characteristic of all EU Member States, however the decline in number of older farmers is much smaller than that of younger farmers.

Despite this, the statistics show that young farmers perform better than older ones. Younger farmers tend to be better trained and so perform better in terms of economic potential, farm size and labour productivity.

It is apparent that a new generation of farmers is essential if we are to maintain viable food production and improve the competitiveness of the sector.

The brief says that in order for EU farms to become modern and competitive, young farmers need support for initial investments, access to loans, business advice and training.

"Attracting new entrants to a sector characterised by low average income levels and various sources of uncertainties is a challenge that needs to be urgently addressed to secure the future of farming and food supply in the EU."

It is encouraging to see the President of the European Council of Young Farmers' (CEJA), Joris Baecke, jet-setting off around the world representing young farmers across Europe and promoting a younger and innovative agricultural sector.

Mr Baecke has recently arrived in Rio de Janerio for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

"The need to promote agriculture to the world’s younger generations is evident, as well as the value of this for future global growth and sustainability. This conference represents a prime opportunity for CEJA to raise awareness of the issue and advocate generational renewal as an essential part of a necessary move towards international food security and agricultural sustainability,” Mr Baecke said.

For those of us who are passionate about farming, this is a critical issue and one that shouldn't be ignored.

The industry must do its part to encourage young people to get involved in farming and the agricultural industry.

Charlotte Johnston

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

Fall in Milk Prices, Increased Feed Prices Puts Pressure on Dairy Producers
Dairy producers have experienced volatility with decreased milk prices and sustained high feed prices so far in 2012, writes Kristen Schulte, Extension Farm & Agribusiness Management Specialist with Iowa State University.
A Viable Progression Path in the Dairy Industry
This report, put together by AgFirst and Federated Farmers looks at the progression path for those wishing to progress from a farm employee to farm owner, after concerns that this traditional progression is under threat, and the path to succession more challenging.
Immigration Policy and its Possible Effects on US Agriculture
Changes being considered would affect the market for hired farm labour. Analysis by the Economic Research Service looks at the possible effects of a decrease in the supply of unauthorised labour in all sectors of the US economy – including agriculture – and an increase in the number of temporary non-immigrant and foreign-born farm workers.
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* Market Reports

 » USDA WASDE June 2012
 » USDA GAIN: Greece Dairy Semi-Annual 2012
 » USDA Dairy Products Sales - 13 June 2012
 » Utilisation of Milk by Dairies in England and Wales - Review of April 2012

* Company News

BIOMIN Ukraine Celebrates 5th Anniversary
UKRAINE - June 1 2012 marked not only the beginning of summer but was also the day BIOMIN Ukraine celebrated its 5th anniversary.
Meriden Exhibits at the China National Feed Show
CHINA - Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech, Meriden Animal Health Limited's sister company in China, recently exhibited at the National Feed Show.
What Strategies are Used to Counteract Endotoxic Effects in Animals?
GLOBAL - Biomin has released a new technical video answering the question: "What strategies are used to counteract endotoxic effects in animals?"
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News


 » New Thinking for Agricultural Emissions Policies
 » Push to Maintain Suckler Cow Welfare Scheme
 » Farmers Urged to Consider Joint Arrangements
 » Teagasc Launches Diploma in Dairy Herd Management
 » Processors Urged to Hold Prices as Recovery Begins
 » Industry Criticises Glanbia for Leading Down Prices

   United States

 » Senate Proposes Legalising the Sale of Raw Milk
 » Dairies Struggle with Record Input Costs
 » New Screening Test for Milk Residues
 » Strict Rules Limit Farm Size
 » Update on Export Progress
 » Trichomoniasis Diagnosed in South Iowa
 » CME: June WASDE Report Contains Few Surprises
 » Normal Trade Relations with Russia Established
 » Cattle Industry Opposes Mandate on Agriculture
 » Supply Management Would Reduce Dairy Exports
 » 2013 Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year Award
 » Dairy Organisations Applaud US-Russia Trade
 » Ag Coalition Defends Use of Antibiotics in Livestock


 » FMD Affects Pigs in P'ing-Tung

Biomin - the natural way

 » France MilkBoard Expands
 » Global Protein Market in State of Structural Change

   New Zealand

 » Favourable Conditions See Production Increase
 » Dairy Producers Increasing Pasture Efficiency
 » Studying Enzymes to Improve Efficiency
 » Opportunity to Share Wintering Experiences
 » Fonterra Buys New Zealand Dairies


 » Fighting Child Labour in Agriculture
 » New Screening to Detect Adulteration in Milk
 » FMD NEWS: FMD Outbreaks in Kazakhstan & Botswana
 » FAO/OIE Global Conference on FMD
 » Open Trade Boost to Agricultural Productivity
 » FAO Urges Greater Push to Reduce Food Losses


 » Low-Lactose Dairy Calf Bred in China


 » Alpro Banned from using Misleading Yoghurt Name


 » Opportunity to Turn Dairy Manure into Income
 » Wild Predators Cost Livestock Industry A$100 Million
 » World Authority on Cattle Genetics Wins Medal
 » Fungal Pesticide Targets Buffalo Fly

   United Kingdom

 » Activity of Bacterial Effector Protein in Molecular Detail
 » Positive Outlook for Scottish Agriculture
 » Companies Unite to Combat Animal Disease
 » Badger Vaccination Underway in Wales
 » Culling for TB can Lead to Welfare Issues on Farm

Pfizer Animal Health

 » Record High for Brazilian Agri Exports


 » FMD Outbreak Reported in Botswana's Maun


 » East Kazakhstan Reports More FMD

   European Union

 » Only 2% of EU Cattle Farms Affected by Schmallenberg
 » EU Feed Industry Commits to Sustainability
 » Support for Young Farmers - A Political Priority

   Russian Federation

 » Russian Dairy Industry Still Uncertain with WTO

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