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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 9 May 2012

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Editorial: Beef Australia - Across Breed Genomics Launched

Beef Australia is taking place in Rockhampton, Queensland this week. It was here, on Monday, that Beef CRC launched the first ever across breed genomic breeding values for key beef production and market traits in Australian cattle.

Beef CRC Chief Scientist Professor Mike Goddard announced the results of research programme, which has developed genomic across-breed predictions for all the existing traits in BREEDPLAN, except birth and weaning traits, including traits such as feed efficiency, carcase and beef quality and female and male reproductive performance. These genomic breeding values will be integrated into the existing estimated breeding values (EBVs) in BREEDPLAN, the beef cattle industry’s genetic database.

Professor Goddard said the key advantage of the Beef CRC’s genomic research was for breeders to gain a genetic insight into the qualities of young animals that do not have any performance data recorded.

Australian cattle breeders should be able to access the genomic information for most cattle breeds by July, when the information has been blended with the existing pedigree and breeding records in BREEDPLAN.

It is hoped that the research will provide the foundation for integrating genomics into on-farm breeding decisions.

Only last week, the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC) in the US published a white paper, which said that one of the drawbacks to the commercial use of genomics was the fact that data was not available across breeds and smaller breed societies do not have the database of information needed to make genomic markers.

Whilst these genomic values have been developed on Australian cattle under Australian grazing systems, there is the possibility that a similar project could be undertaken in the US or elsewhere.

Charlotte Johnston

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Uncertainty is something the beef industry continuously faces and lately there have been some sudden dips and turns in the road, writes Shane Ellis from the Iowa State University Department of Economics in the Iowa Farm Outlook.
Demand More From Feeders
In the face of tough feeding margins and negative breakevens, cattlemen should still expect more from their feeders, says one of their own, according to Certified Angus Beef.
Longitudinal Study on Morbidity and Mortality in White Veal Calves in Belgium
In a rare study of the health of veal calves reared commercially, researchers based in Ghent found an average mortality rate of just over five cent in the 15 groups they studied.
Changing Farming Practices Accompany Major Shifts in Farm Structure
Changing production practices, including adoption of labour-saving innovations, have contributed to and been affected by increases in both agricultural productivity and the concentration of production, write Erik O'Donoghue, James MacDonald, Utpal Vasavada and Patrick Sullivan of USDA Economic Research service in the latest issue of Amber Waves.
Unusually Warm Spring May Cause Stored Grain Problems
The warm spring temperatures following a warm winter may lead to stored grain problems, particularly for grain that exceeds the recommended storage moisture content or did not stay cool during the winter, writes Calli Thorne, North Dakota State University Extension Agent.
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Biomin Exhibited at TECHAGRO 2012
CZECH REPUBLIC - From 31 March – 4 April BIOMIN Czech exhibited at the International Fair of Agricultural Technology called TECHAGRO.
Biomin Seminar in Serbia Focuses on Ruminants
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