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TheDairySite Newsletter - 4 May 2012

TheDairySite Weekly Newsletter
Friday 4th May 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Increasing Supply Puts Pressure on Farmgate and Retail Milk Prices

As supplies to international markets increase, global dairy product prices continue to fall. Yet, despite the drop in value, international prices for dairy products still remain well above historical averages.

Global milk production is expected to increase by 2.7 per cent to 750 million tonnes in 2012.

Earlier this week, global dairy trade auction results showed declines in nearly every product category, except for Cheddar cheese and lactose.

The European Milk Board has said that the milk sector is experiencing difficulties similar to the milk crisis in 2009, except this time, rising input costs are causing problems to escalate.

Italian producers have faced reductions of around 15 per cent per litre of milk. In the Netherlands, spot-market prices for milk have fallen, meaning they are 10-12 Euro cents less than co-operative payments.

In the UK, Wiseman, DairyCrest and Arla have all recently announced farmgate price cuts.

There are reports in Germany that Aldi has cut the retail price of some dairy products by up to 10 per cent. Farmgate prices are still relatively high compared to other EU countries.

Average basic farm-gate prices for milk in France for instance dropped from 31-32 Euro cents in March to 28 Euro cents in April; in Belgium, from 28-29 Euro cents in March and to 25 Euro cents in April.

Charlotte Johnston

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Determining How Breed and Longevity are Related
Texas AgriLife Research is trying to help the dairy industry determine how breed and conformation affects dairy cow longevity.
Novel Calcium Salt Effect of MUFA on Fatty Acid Composition
Calcium salt preparations of dietary cis-monounsaturated fatty acids reduce milk saturated fatty acid concentrations, and increase milk cis- monounsaturated fatty acid concentrations, according to a study by the University of Reading.
High Sperm Numbers - Detrimental Effects on Bull Sperm During Liquid Storage Research from the University of Limerick looks at whether high sperm numbers have a detrimental effect on bull sperm during liquid storage.
Counteracting Trichothecenes in Animal Feed
In feeds and feed ingredients, poorly adsorbable mycotoxins like trichothecenes need to be counteracted by biotransformation, says Karin Naehrer of Biomin.
* Market Reports

 » USDA National Dairy Products Sales Report - 27 April 2012
 » USDA Dairy Products Annual - April 2012
 » Irish CSO Milk Statistics March 2012
 » UK Milk Prices and Composition of Milk April 2012
 » USDA Agricultural Prices - April 2012
 » USDA Dairy Products March 2012 Highlights

* Company News

Survey Reveals Global Prevalence of Mycotoxins
GLOBAL - Biomin has published the results of its Mycotoxin Survey Program for 2011. The comprehensive survey documents the occurrence of mycotoxins in samples taken throughout 2011 in different regions. One thing is clear: the global prevalence of mycotoxins in a range of common feed commodities underscores the need for quality feed management strategies.
Website Connects Feed Buyers and Sellers
US - Feed manufacturers and livestock producers have a new tool to save time and reduce costs when buying bulk feed ingredients. A newly launched website,, is designed to connect buyers and sellers of bulk feed ingredients quickly and easily.
Biomin Exhibited at TECHAGRO 2012
CZECH REPUBLIC - From 31 March – 4 April BIOMIN Czech exhibited at the International Fair of Agricultural Technology called TECHAGRO.
Biomin Seminar in Serbia Focuses on Ruminants
SERBIA - On March 22nd BIOMIN’s distributor Vinfeed (Dr Marina Vranjes) organized a seminar for Serbian beef cattle and dairy producers.
Pfizer Animal Health
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News

   United States

 » Falling Global NDM/SMP Prices Prompt Request
 » Cephalosporins Banned in Semen Extenders
 » USDA Assures Customers over BSE Case
 » Senate Ag Committee Approves Farm Bill
 » Does the Farm Bill Give Farmers What they Want?
 » CME: Corn Futures Higher as China Purchases Corn
 » Administration Pulls On-Farm Youth Labor Rule
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 » Is the Cattle Market too Cautious?
 » Milk-Feed Ratio: Lowest Since June 2009
 » CME: Crop Plantings, Restaurant Performanance Up
 » Dairy Bill Cuts Volatility
 » New Policies Protect Against Foodborne Illness
 » US Insight at Global Dairy Congress
 » CME: WASDE Estimates Critical to Sector
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » Skimmed Milk Powder Production Falls
 » Farmers Treated Unfairly in Senate Farm Bill
 » USDA’s WASDE Report To Incorporate Changes Animax Veterinary Health

   United Kingdom

 » Dairy Crest to Reduce Non-Aligned Milk Price by 2ppl
 » Milk the Potential Profit from Dairy-Bred Beef
 » CAP Reform Report Published
 » Obesity is a Long–Term Problem
 » International Conference Focuses on ‘Greening’ CAP
 » Time to Redress the Balance in the Dairy Supply Chain
 » CAP Reform Must Work for Tenanted Sector
 » Wiseman Confirms Farmgate Milk Price Reduction
 » Keeping Welfare Standards in a Food Hungry World
 » Farming Needs Must be Represented in EU Reforms
 » Record Farm Output Levels Spur Solid Performance
 » Confidence High Despite Challenges Ahead
 » Cattle Controls Change to Eradicate TB
 » Milk Price Cuts, Contract Changes Hurt Producers


 » Japan Remains Composed but Vigilant on BSE Issue


 » Weekly Cattle Summary
 » Drought Support Casualty of Fed Budget Blowout
 » Bank Cuts Rates: Will Farmers See the Benefits?
 » Facial Eczema Risk Eases
 » New Rules Mean Some Raw Milk Products Allowed
 » Cattle Disease Controls for Theileria Needed

   European Union

 » OIE: More Schmallenberg Outbreaks Confirmed
 » EC Declines Polish Request on Milk Pricing
 » Crisis in EU Dairy Markets


 » More Flexibility, Less Bureaucracy in Farm Subsidies
 » Fish Oil, Cow Manure Combine to Produce Biogas
 » Growing Market for Lactose-Free Milk

   New Zealand

 » Cow Pooling/Homekill Help Connect Public with Food
 » Major Dairy Event for Hamilton in May
 » Dairy Restructuring Act Crucial to Fonterra and NZ
 » Dairy Legislation Under Select Committee Microscope
 » As Prices Fall, Export Climate Struggles Cow Signals Training Books

 » Kenya's Milk Production on the Rise

   Korea, South

 » South Korea Sends Group to Analyse BSE Situation


 » Protecting Livestock from Schmallenberg Virus
 » Expanding Cattle Trade with Morocco, Middle East


 » OIE: Further Schmallenberg Cases in Germany


 » Review of Animal Disease Quota Allocations Needed
 » Reducing GHG Emissions in Agriculture


 » Global Dairy Trade Auction Results Mixed
 » Novel Strain of FMD in Gaza Strip
 » Genetic Trends a Double-Edged Cleaver in Markets
 » Genomic Research Unravels Livestock Origins Genus - Value through science and genomics

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