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TheDairySite Newsletter - 20th January 2012

TheDairySite Weekly Newsletter
Friday 20th January 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Lower Cost of Production to Improve Profit

Farmers should look more at the cost of milk production and its affect on profits, rather than complain about milk prices.

A new report by Dairy Co, in the UK, highlights the cost of production as the most significant factor for determining profit.

The right balance between input use and milk output (herd size and average yield) is essential. In particular the need for low yielding herds to maximise utilisation of grass through a simple system and for small herds to contain fixed costs.

Average yield per cow is not the main driver of profit. Higher yields are not the answer if they are produced at the expense of feed efficiency; every extra litre needs to be profitable.

The report encourages producers to fit the system they use to their own circumstances.


UK's Robert Wiseman Dairies is to be sold to European company Müller for £279.5 million.

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has welcomed the Muller-Robert Wiseman Dairies take over deal.

“We see the German processor’s investment decision as part of the much needed consolidation within the UK dairy processing sector and the fact it already operates a very modern business structure bodes well for the future,” comments RABDF’s chairman, David Cotton.

Swedish dairy firm, Skånemejerier, has said it is in talks with French dairy, Lactalis regarding a buy out.

Charlotte Johnston

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Corn Silage Test Plot to Increase Profitability for Dairy Farmers and Reduce Winter Wind & Water Erosion
Can the use of a fall cover crop be incorporated after corn silage harvest to improve land and protect it from water and wind erosion while providing a usable feed source and what tools are available to evaluate important corn silage yield traits relevant to dairy producers, explores Jennifer Bentley from the ISU Extension at the Leopold Centre.
Understanding and Improving Dairy Fertility: Fertility & Reproduction
An overview of the latest understanding of the genetic regulation and physiology of important aspects of fertility from the final scientific report from the EU group, Sustainable Animal Breeding (SABRE) subtitled 'Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding'.
Tools for Science and Selection: Numerical Genomics
Traits of economical importance can be identified through genomic analysis. An overview of the reasons for genomic analysis and software tool development from the final scientific report from the EU group, Sustainable Animal Breeding (SABRE) is presented in 'Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding'.
Positive Outlook for Global Dairy
Fonterra foresees a positive outlook for global dairy markets. Long-term demand for dairy products is predicted to expand by 2-3 per cent per year. This year on year growth in demand is roughly equivalent to New Zealand’s total annual production of dairy products.
Pfizer Animal Health
* Company News

World Nutrition Forum 2012
SINGAPORE - Top international animal-health specialists and feed-industry experts will meet at the World Nutrition Forum 2012 to exchange knowledge on key trends in animal production and debate the major scientific, environment and leadership issues confronting the sector.
Successful Treatment of Gram-Negative Mastitis
US - Research from Cornell University, recently published in the Journal of Dairy Science,1 shows an 89 per cent cure rate of mild or moderate Escherichia coli mastitis infections — characterized by the cow not being sick or off feed but with visible signs of mastitis — when treated with extended intramammary antibiotic therapy.
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News


 » FMD NEWS: Illegal Movement Causes FMD
 » IIlegal Movement Causes FMD in Caprivi


 » Schmallenberg Virus Hits Belgium

   United Kingdom

 » Wiseman In Talks With Müller Regarding Buy Out
 » Wiseman Dairies to Sell for £279.5 Million
 » Cost of Production, Not Milk Price Affects Profit
 » Badger Cull Locations Confirmed

   United States

 » CME: Markets React Badly to Recent Report Data
 » CME: Export Value Reaches Record High in November
 » Cattle Outlook: Beef Production Forecast Down
 » $3 Million Upgrade for UW-Madison Dairy Centre
 » Finding Farm Energy Opportunities
 » Record 2011 Farm Profits Could Spill Into 2012
 » Manure Solids for Cow Bedding can Succeed
 » Understanding the Surprise in Corn Stocks Estimate
 » CME: GDT Auction Prices Mixed
 » Concerns over US Trade Reorganisation
 » CME: Milk Futures Fall
 » Broadening Feedstocks Eligible For RFS
 » Hay Disappearance Up in 2011/12
 » CME: Dry Whey Increases Slightly Animax Veterinary Health

 » Coordination on Food Safety & Animal Health Aid
 » FAO-EU Project to Promote Climate-Smart Farming
 » GAP: New Compound Feed Manufacturing Standard
 » UK & India Develop Vaccine for Fatal Cattle Disease


 » Paraguay Announces FMD Vaccination Programme
 » Paraguay Receives Help on FMD Control


 » Register Livestock Brands And Ear Marks
 » Live Cattle Exports Down 20 Per Cent


 » Skånemejerier To Be Sold To Lactalis

   European Union

 » EU Missing Out on GM Livestock Feed Opportunity
 » Animal Protein Feed For Fish Only, Says FEFAC
 » Does the Animal Welfare Strategy go Far Enough?
 » Clear Rules a Must For EU Dairy

   Russian Federation

 » Arla Expands Cheese Production into Russia Genus - Value through science and genomics
   New Zealand

 » Despite Rain, Feed Supplies Still Precarious
 » Fonterra Exports Break Records


 » Levy Warning Issued As Milk Supplies Increase

   Korea, South

 » Minister Urges Greater Efforts to Boost Farm Exports


 » Official Programme to Combat Bluetongue in Spain


 » EU Funds Help Modernise Baltic Dairy Cow Signals Training Books

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