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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 30 November 2011

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Editorial: Senate Supports Live Export Trade

In Australia, the Senate has rejected calls to ban the live export trade but has set out a number of recommendations for the government to improve the welfare of Australian animals.

Footage of Australian animals being mistreated in Indonesian abattoirs earlier this year caused the industry to shut down temporarily and prompted several inquiries.

The Senate committee advised the government to provide assistance for producers who suffered irrecoverable financial losses as a result of the temporary suspension of live cattle exports earlier this year.

West Australia Farmers Meat Section President, Jeff Murray, said the recommendations were a positive move for the industry after a difficult year.

The issue of banning live exports is a difficult one. There is a lot of support from the public, welfare groups and some industry members to ban live exports. However the live export industry is one of great importance to Australia.

It is worth A$600 million annually to Western Australia. Australia is the world's number one livestock exporting nation, and the government insists that it is constantly investing financially in animal welfare improvements at end markets.

However, some meat exporters believe that a ban on live exports would create jobs and economic growth in Australia as it would allow rural areas to establish processing plants and add value across the supply chain.

Back in September, Australia banned the use of Mark 1 boxes after an assessment of the cattle restraint boxes found that it did not comply with OIE regulations. Mark IV boxes will be installed in the future.

Cattle exported live to Indonesia now only go to Australian approved plants.

Is this enough?

At the very least, some believe that Australian animals exported should be at least stunned prior to slaughter.

Is this an unreasonable thing to ask? No, but it might be hard to monitor?

Charlotte Johnston

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Farming In The Falklands
With over a million sheep and almost 5,000 cattle on an area the size of Wales, the unique farming industry of the Falkland Islands is explored. Lucy Towers, TheCattleSite Newsdesk Assistant, discusses the farming limitations and challenges faced with Helen Thoday, Agricultural Advisor to the Falklands.
How to Produce High-Quality Grass Silage
Grass silages represent a low-cost feed which can be distributed during the winter time. the process of making grass silage is repeated three to four times every year in the same areas. Due to the rapid growth of the grass there is usually an excess of biomass in summer which can be ensiled at relatively low costs, if properly made.
Cleaning Cows From Inside Out
Who knew? Those thick, sharp-tasting orange peels that people would never dream of eating are “snack heaven” for cows. Research from the USDA Agricultural Research Service looks at the benefits of feeding citrus byproducts to cattle.
Iowa Farm Outlook: Riding A Bullish Cattle Market
There is always something moving in the cattle markets, ups, downs and sometimes sideways. So where are prices headed, and what can be expected in the future, asks Iowa State University, Shane Ellis.
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Immobilise Cattle To Reduce Stress And Costs
GENERAL - Immobilising cattle before carrying out routine work on them will reduce animal stress and injuries, according to FarmGroup.
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