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TheDairySite Newsletter - 7 October 2011

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Editorial: One Step Closer To Understanding Bluetongue

A molecular technique to identify the biting midges that spread bluetongue disease has been developed by scientists in Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITG).

The new technology helps to understand how the disease spreads, and how to control it.

Until recently, it was assumed that only tropical midges could carry the virus. However, when the disease hit Northern Europe in 2006, it was apparent that local midges were capable of transmitting it.

The problem was that there are many species of biting midges, which are almost impossible to differentiate with normal tools. Without knowing which species spread the disease it is hard to tell where the disease will spread or how to fight the midges transmitting the disease.

The new molecular technology is very specific, and can identify several species at the same time - making it easier for scientists to know what they are working against in the fight to eliminate bluetongue disease.

For the first time ever bluetongue has been reported in Israel. In total there have been 106 cases in the North West of the country.

Charlotte Johnston

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France Reflects on Cost of Cheap Food at Any Price
“The real victims of the latest [agricultural] crises are those who have invested the most,” French farm minister Bruno Le Maire told delegates at a day-long conference in Paris to discuss the way agricultural commodity prices develop into retail prices for finished product, writes Peter Crosskey.
Effect Of Garlic Oil On Methane Production In Lactating Buffalo
Including garlic oil in the diets of lactating buffalo can reduce methane emissions according to researchers from India and Iran, write R Zafarian from the National Dairy Institute, India and M Manafi from Malayer University, Iran.
Prevention Of Hoof Disorders Using Footbaths
Dairy cattle are susceptible to many hoof disorders including (but not limited to) digital dermatitis (hairy heel warts), foot rot, laminitis, sand cracks, white line disease, and sole ulcers, writes Taylor Reiter and Jeffrey Bewley, from the University of Kentucky.
Turning On-Farm Waste Into Energy
Managing manure on a large dairy farm takes serious planning, and Brookside Dairy in Indiana County is adopting new technology that that saves money and protects the environment.
India – Livestock and Products Annual 2011
Strong dairy demand continues to fuel herd growth and is expected to continue in 2012. CY2012 combined stocks forecast more than four per cent growth over 2011 at 325 million head, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
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BIOMIN Silage Assessment
GENERAL - Watch this step-by-step guide for very simple techniques to determine the silage quality under field conditions.
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