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TheDairySite Newsletter - 9 September 2011

TheDairySite Weekly Newsletter
Friday 9th September 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Milk Prices at Forefront of Dairy Event

Concerns over milk prices and the future of the UK dairy sector were at the forefront of debate at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show in Birmingham this week.

Agriculture minister Jim Paice used the Dairy Event to highlight the voluntary code of practice for dairy contracts, which he saw as the future outlook for the industry.

Work on the strategy has been carried out by the National Farmers Union, Defra and Dairy UK and is due to be brought to the next industry meeting with the minister.

NFU Scotland used the Dairy Event to challenge the nation’s dairy sector to adopt a strategy for growth and development and capture a share of burgeoning and profitable global dairy markets.

NFU Scotland’s Milk Committee Chairman Kenneth Campbell said the status quo was not an option as it has simply delivered poor milk prices, falling production and a growing trade deficit in dairy products.

He said producers were committed to being part of a vibrant and thriving dairy sector here in the UK but that required a more positive and long-term mindset being adopted by all parts of the dairy supply chain.

One of the ways forward for the industry was highlighted with the joint venture by Fontera and First Milk.

New Zealand-based Fonterra and UK-based First Milk announced a strategic partnership to produce premium whey proteins for Fonterra's growing food ingredients business.

In Spain, a collaboration agreement, with the aim of improving the coherence and transparency in the milk sector through the strengthening of procedures relating to contracts for milk sales, has been signed by the Director General for Agriculture and Livestock, Margarita Arboix and President of the Inter-Way (INLAC), Roman Santalla.

This Agreement is part of the efforts and initiatives launched by the Marmara within the "Strategic Plan for Spanish dairy sector: Horizon 2015."

In Ireland, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney, has launched a programme intended to assist dairy farmers in improving their financial management skills.

The programme has been developed jointly by Glanbia and Teagasc, and will be rolled out to Glanbia milk suppliers shortly.

Chris Harris

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

European Cheese Market
The EU cheese market is changing, forcing cheese suppliers to rethink their business models and explore new opportunities for growth. The main drivers behind these changes are falling growth rates in the EU, more pressure on margins because of higher revenues in powder and butter products, and volatility in commodity cheese markets.
Feeding Natural Plant Extracts To Reduce Odour & Costs
With citizens' groups seeking government regulation of foul-smelling ammonia emissions from large dairy farms, scientists reported that adding natural plant extracts to cow feed can reduce levels of the gas by one-third while reducing the need to fortify cow feed with expensive protein supplements.
Texas Agricultural Drought Losses Reach Record $5.2 Billion
The historic Texas drought has led to a record $5.2 billion in agricultural losses, making it the most costly drought on record, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service economists.
Ruminal Response To Yea-Sacc During Experimentally Induced Acidosis
Dairy cattle fed a supplement of Yea-Sacc had a favorable affect in fermentation processes in the rumen tests have revealed.
Genus - Value through science and genomics
* Company News

North & Latin American Boost Genus Results
GLOBAL - In its results for the financial year, Genus has reported an increase of seven per cent in operating profit to more than £45 million.
September Is ‘Exhibition Month‘ For CID Lines
GLOBAL - CID Lines will be exhibiting at seven events this month.
Merck Expands Its Omaha Vaccine Plant
NEBRASKA, US - Merck & Co. Inc.'s animal vaccine facility in the Elkhorn area is becoming one of the multinational company's worldwide centres of research and development and a high-volume manufacturing operation.
Dominant Calf Scour Pathogens Can Be Controlled
UK - Cryptosporidium parvum and rotavirus are the most dominant calf scour-causing organisms on UK cattle units, according to the latest published data from the MSD Animal Health ScourCheck scheme.
Merck Introduce BRD Prevention Treatment
GLOBAL - Merck Animal Health has announced the official launch of ZUPREVO® (tildipirosin) — a novel macrolide antibiotic for the management of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) that offers an excellent combination of speed, duration of activity and convenience.
Biomin Asia Nutrition Forum Takes Centre Stage
ASIA - Biomin has announced the dates and destinations for the company's biennial event, Biomin Asia Nutrition Forum in October. Now Available In Turkish
TURKEY - In cooperation with its Turkish joint venture Biokey, BIOMIN has now launched a Turkish version of the corporate website
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News


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 » Lloyds TSB: New Finance Option For Robotic Milkers
 » Opportunities for Dairy Sector Under Debate Animax Veterinary Health
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 » Fonterra: No Change In Opening Season Payout
 » Regulatory Change To Support Domestic Market
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 » Weekly Cattle Summary
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 » Weekly Cattle Summary


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 » Economics Of Corn And Soybean Storage
 » CME: Corn Crop Continues To Deteriorate
 » Researchers Uncover Genetic Link To Cattle Diseases
 » CME: High Feed Costs Equal Lower Weight? Pfizer Animal Health

 » Feedlot Output Increases In 2011


 » Increased Profitability With Good Animal Health


 » Global Liquid Dairy Market To Grow By 30 Per Cent
 » Winner Of The 11th Gustav Rosenberger Award
 » Fonterra & First Milk Whey Protein Joint Venture
 » FAO Food Price Index Almost Unchanged


 » €1.4 Million Approved For Health Programmes
 » Database For Milk Buyers Communication Launched


 » International Expo In Kathmandu This Week Cow Signals Training Books

 » Granarolo Acquires Dairy Giant, Lat Bri


 » FMD Found In Cattle In Tibet


 » Glanbia/Teagasc Financial Dairy Planning Programme
 » New Agent Facility On The AIM System
 » Relentless Rise In Input Costs Erodes Price Gains


 » OIE: FMD Reported In Israel


 » Turkey Approves Anitox Termin-8 Feed Disinfectant Alltech provides Natural Cattle Feed Supplements

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