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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 10 August 2011

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Editorial: A Look At The Export Markets

Export earnings for New Zealand beef products totalled NZ$2.5 billion last year - up 14 per cent, according to Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s (B+LNZ) Economic Service annual Stock Number Survey.

With the volume of beef shipped down by three per cent, the rise in export earnings come from an increase in sales of co-products and higher global beef prices.

UK exports of fresh/ frozen beef and veal leapt from 83,400 tonnes in 2009 to 109,300 tonnes in 2010.

The value to the industry increased from £257.7m in 2009 to £330.9m in 2010, up 28.4 per cent, says the English Beef and Lamb Executive.

On the other hand, Brazilian beef exports are struggling. High prices, tight supplies and slower demand from Russia saw exports fall 19 per cent in July.

There are new export opportunities opening up for Ireland as South Africa brought BSE testing requirements for Irish beef imports into line with those of the EU.

This means that the minimum age for BSE testing of healthy cattle slaughtered for human consumption will be increased from 48 months to 72 months.

Charlotte Johnston

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Controlling Price Volatility In Food
Concerns over volatility in the food and agriculture market stem from fears over price rises and behind this, fears over food security, writes TheCattleSite editor in chief Chris Harris.
Managing Drought In Mexico
Prolonged drought in Mexico has boosted slaughter and live exports for 2011 as the livestock sector seeks to avoid additional animal losses. Reduced availability of fodder and higher grain prices (domestic and international) continue to pressure the livestock sector; thus, precipitation during July and August, as well as government support, will be key factors driving the sector’s output for the second half of 2011, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Mycotoxin Risk Management & The Successful Use Of Enzyme-Producing Microorganisms
Mycotoxin risk management tool involves both the elimination of mycotoxins by adsorptive materials, and the conversion of their toxic structures into non-toxic, harmless metabolites, according to Inês Rodrigues, Technical Manager for Biomin Holding.
Optigen To Replace Soybean Meal Nitrogen
B Holland and J Jennings, from the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, South Dakota State University, look at using Optigen to replace soybean meal nitrogen in dry rolled corn-based finishing diets for beef steers.
Animax Veterinary Health
* Company News

New Larger Merck Bravoxin 10 Farm Pack
GLOBAL - Merck Animal Health are releasing the broad-spectrum clostridial disease vaccine for sheep and cattle, Bravoxin 10, in a new six times 100ml farm vaccination pack.
Biomin Hosts 1st National Mycotoxin Symposium
SRI LANKA - The first National Mycotoxin Symposium recently took place in Sri Lanka on the second of June 2011.
BIOMIN Attends 2011 ADSA & ASAS Meetings
US - New Orleans played host this year to BIOMIN USA and others attending the 2011 Joint Annual Meeting for American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


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