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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 27 July 2011

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 27th July 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter


Cattle supplies will continue to decline in the US pushing beef prices even higher, according to the US Department of Agriculture's Cattle Inventory Survey.

US cow-calf operators show no signs of herd rebuilding despite record cattle prices achieved in the first half of this year.

US cattle on feed numbers are much higher than last year because of the continuing drought.

The drought has meant that some producers are pulling calves forward, which has had an effect on the average weight of cattle. June's monthly average cattle weights were the lowest since June 2006.

In other news, a project in the UK and New Zealand is looking at how software programmes can be used to improve grassland management on livestock farms.

Run by EBLEX, Marks and Spencer and Silver Fern Farms, the project will run on beef farms in the UK and NZ for 12 months, monitoring how changes in grassland management can influence productivity and profitability.

"This project has massive potential to help us understand grass supply and feed demand, which is a first for the English beef sector. It will also help demonstrate the benefits of improved grazing management for animal performance and profitability," said Dr Liz Genever from EBLEX.

In New Zealand, farmers have had to deal with their first winter storm of the season.

Charlotte Johnston

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

TB & A Badger Cull: The Facts
Following a comprehensive consultation exercise, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in the UK has announced a number of measures to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in England. The most controversial being plans to license groups of farmers and landowners to carry out science-led, strictly controlled culls of badgers in the areas worst affected by TB.
Economics Of Dairy Beef Production Systems
Paul Crosson and Edward O'Riordan look at different beef production systems, and determine which is the most profitable.
Stocking System Effects On Pasture Quality
Fall-calving Angus cows grazed tall fescue pastures by three stocking systems to determine their effects on forage yield, quality, and species composition; soil carbon content, bulk density, and water infiltration; and cow and calf performance.
Stockpiled Pasture Provides Winter Grazing
Mid-August is time to get pastures in shape for growing winter stockpile grass.
* Company News

Merck Breaks Ground For Vaccine Plant Expansion
NETHERLANDS - Merck Animal Health, formerly known as Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, has announced that it has embarked on the expansion of a vaccine manufacturing unit at its Biosciences Center Boxmeer campus.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News

   Korea, South

 » FMD NEWS: S Korea to Produce FMD Vaccine in 2012
 » Govt Battles To Control Prices & Supplies After FMD
 » Govt To Provide Counselling For Farmers
 » S Korea To Produce FMD Vaccine In 2012
 » Beef Prices To Stabilise, As Cattle Numbers Soar

   United Kingdom

 » Licensed Badger Cull To Go Ahead In England
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - July 2011
 » Good Welfare Costs Less Than A Box Of Chocolates
 » LMC Report: Tight Cattle Supplies
 » EU Must Step Up Beef Promotion
 » Call For Better Beef Prices
 » Cases Of Botulism In Cattle Continue To Occur
 » Beef & Pork See Summer Sales Rise
 » Farmers' Help Sought With New Fluke Test
 » Ministers Meet Farming Unions

   New Zealand

 » Farmers Cope Well With First Winter Blast
 » NZ Beef Exports Slow In June


 » China Reports Outbreak Of FMD In Guizhou
 » Beef Prices Rise Cow Signals Training Books
   United States

 » Conference Explores Florida Cattle Production
 » CME: Farmers Struggle As Hot Weather Continues
 » Purdue Report: Causes Of High Commodity Prices
 » Cattle On Feed Numbers High
 » CME: 2011 Feeder Cattle Down Despite Drought
 » Drought Can Force Livestock To Eat Poisonous Plants
 » Survey Reveals Increase In Iowa Cattle Hoop Barns
 » Extreme Heat Kills 1500 Cattle In South Dakota
 » CME: Beef Producers In No Position To Expand
 » US Cattle On Feed Up Four Per Cent
 » CME: Beef Cutout Value Declines
 » Cattle Outlook: Beef Prices Starting To Fall
 » Record Commercial Red Meat Production for June
 » Cattle Inventory Down One Per Cent
 » Certified Angus Beef Posts Record June
 » Producers May Be Entitled To Weather Compensation
 » CME: As Cattle Supplies Decline, Beef Prices Soar
 » Watch For Toxic Blue-Green Algae
 » Beef Shortage Means Hold On To The Cows
 » CME: Weight Of Cattle In Place Lowest Since 2006
 » Inaction On FTAs Hitting Agrifood Industry
 » Weekly Roberts Report : Rains Ease Stress On Corn


 » Meat Processors Will Pass On Carbon Tax
 » Majority Of Pastoralists Struggle With Live Export Ban
 » Climate Change Adaptation Trials Promising
 » Cattle Market Alert: Supply Recovers
 » Weekly Cattle Summary: Erratic Price Trends
 » Cattle Numbers Edge Higher
 » Tuesday Daily Livestock Article
 » Cattle Supply Increases At Markets Animax Veterinary Health

 » Research To Contribute To GHG Commitments
 » Storage Methods To Retain Hay Nutrients


 » Supply Chain Invests In Grassland Management
 » New Fund For Livestock Biodiversity Management


 » Suckler Cow Welfare Scheme To Speed Up Payments

   European Union

 » NFU Backs CAP Red-Tape Reduction Plans
 » Feed Organisations Warn Of Supply Disruption


 » FMD Fears Over Indian Meat Imports


 » Ghana's Farming Needs Investment, Says Official


 » Dehydration & Death: Animals Suffer In Transport


 » 19 Cattle Die Of Anthrax


 » DSM & Nutreco Consider Feed Firm Acquisition Genus - Value through science and genomics

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