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Friday 18th March 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Helping Europe's Dairy Farmers

At the EU Agriculture Council meeting earlier this week, an update was given by the European Commission on the dairy market.

Favourable weather conditions, dynamic demand and attractive milk prices have meant that milk collection in the EU increased by 1.23 per cent in 2010.

The annual average milk price paid to producers in 2010 was 15 per cent higher than the average price paid in 2009.

2010 was a particularly successful year for EU dairy exports, especially for skimmed milk powder, butter and cheese.

The European Commission is currently in discussions concerning the improvement of dairy contracts.

The Commission package follows recommendations made by the High Level Experts' Group on Milk last year, with the aim of improving contractual relations with processors and putting producers and producer organisations on a more even footing.

At the Copa Milk Working Group, Mansel Raymond from the UK's National Farmers' Union said that it was high time Europe’s dairy farmers were given help to strengthen their position in the supply chain.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Effective Fibre For Dairy Cows
Unlike other nutrients, such as protein and calcium, where requirements are provided in grams per cow per day for specific body weight and milk production levels, fiber “requirements” are merely minimum guidelines aimed at maintaining normal ruminal pH, fiber digestion and milk fat test and preventing sub acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and left displaced abomasum (LDA).
US Farm Economy in 2011: What's in Store?
Prospects for the US farm economy appear bright, but the sharp rise in crop prices has created some anxiety Dr Joseph W. Glauber, Chief Economist of the US Department of Agriculture told the 2011 Agricultural Outlook Forum, writes Rachel Ralte, Junior Editor for TheCattleSite.
Canada's Farm Income Forecast For 2010 And 2011
2011 preliminary forecasts indicate a decline in farm income as increased crop and livestock receipts get offset by higher expenses and reduced programme payments, according to the latest forecast from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Feed Outlook - March 2011
World coarse grain production and beginning stocks forecast for 2010/11 are reduced this month, lowering supply 2.5 million tons, according to the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
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* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News

   United Kingdom

 » Forage Maize Varieties – How Reliable Are They?
 » NFU To Hold Groundbreaking Dairy Seminar
 » Dairy Farmers Want Their Fair Share
 » UK Feed Production 4.4 Per Cent Lower In January
 » The Future For FMD Control In The UK
 » Animal Health And Welfare Budgets Devolved
 » Scottish Census Reveals Increase In Livestock
 » Second Dairy Summit Planned
 » Armagh Herd Clear Of Brucellosis
   United States

 » Road Opens for Resolving Mexican Trucking Dispute
 » Trio of Factors Pushing Food Prices Higher
 » Dairy Focus: Can Cows Eat $8 Corn?
 » House Passage of Veterinary Health Bill Applauded
 » Corn And Soybean Prices – Mission Accomplished?
 » NFU Conference: Insiders Perspective On Ag Policy
 » NFU Conference: Farm Bill Should Include Safety Net
 » NFU Conference: Insight Into 2012 Farm Bill
 » Dairy Farmer Finds Unusual Forage Grass
 » Permits Needed Only If Dumping Manure In US Waters
 » Building Demand For Dairy Products
 » The Future of Animal Agriculture?

   New Zealand

 » Dairy Compliance Heading In RIght Direction


 » Investment Into Livestock Traceability System
 » Care Conference Aims To Set Welfare Template
 » More Transparency On Food Safety Enforcement


 » Overall Arrangements on Veterinary Drug Control
 » Top Agribusiness Group Seeks To Expand Further
Genus - Value through science and genomics

 » Milk Prices Must Increase To 33 Cents /Litre
 » High Quality Research At Agricultural Research Forum
 » Glanbia Listens To Farmers Concerns
 » Cheaper, Faster Genetic Improvements On The Way
 » Milk Quota Trading Strong


 » Live Animal Welfare Improvements In Indonesia
 » Coles Submission To Senate Dairy Inquiry
 » New Sub Clovers Putting Mites Right
 » Genomics And Future Food Production

   European Union

 » Improving Dairy Contracts
 » EU Dairy Policy: Is The EC Milk Package Enough?
 » Potential Paths For Future Farming
 » Situation On The Dairy Market


 » CME: Overall Impact Of Japanese Nuclear Situation


 » USGC Keeps Keen Eye on Valued US Customer
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