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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 16 February 2011

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Editorial: Negotiating Global Trade

The European Parliament has demanded that the European Commission takes full account of equivalence of standards and the protection of the Common Agricutlural Policy in any trade negotiations, including the current Mercosur talks.

The Agriculture Committee criticised the Commission's approach to trade negotiations with Third Countries, accusing the Commission of ‘extremely generous’ offers and failing to achieve equivalent concessions for the EU.

"The EU's high standards on environment, animal/ plant welfare and health must be applied to all imports, as well as tighter checks on production methods in countries exporting to the EU," said the Agricultural Committee.

"This is the only way to ensure fair competition and consumer protection."

At the National Farmers' Union conference, UK Agriculture Secretary, Caroline Spelman said it was vital that world leaders open up markets to free up world trade of agricultural products.

She said that UK producers need to become more market orientated.

While many UK producers are still heavily dependent on subsidies, NFU president Peter Kendall said that the British farming community wants to get to a position where it is less reliant on public support. However, Mr Kendall accepted that these changes would not occur overnight.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Review Of Economic Performance Of Irish Beef Farms 2009
James Breen and Kevin Hanrahan from Teagasc, look at the economic performance of beef farms in Ireland in 2009.
Improving Beef Nutrition Through Plants
This report by Nigel Scollan, at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Science, Aberystwyth University and University of Bristol, investigates the key factors influencing the delivery of beneficial lipids (fats) from plants (forage) through to beef muscle.
Salmonella in Livestock Production in GB - 2009 - Feedingstuffs
This annual publication from the Veterinary Laboratories Agency provides data on Salmonella reports from livestock species in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). This article covers the chapter entitled 'Salmonella in Feedingstuffs'.
Feed Outlook - February 2011
Record-high farm prices for corn in 2010/11 are expected to ration demand over the coming months, according to the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News

   Korea, South

 » FMD NEWS: Further FMD Case Found in Central South Korea
 » South Korea Reports Seven New FMD Outbreaks
 » South Korea Forms FMD Task Force
 » Further FMD Case Found in Central South Korea
 » FMD Counter-Measures Must Succeed This Time


 » Livestock Boom Risks Aggravating Animal Plagues

   United Kingdom

 » NFU: Call for Patience over Bovine TB Decision
 » NFU: CAP Changes to Free Up World Trade
 » Options For Outwintering
 » Attractive Premiums Paid For Organic Cattle
 » Making Moves On Cattle Passports
 » Decline In UK Beef Output Anticipated
 » UK Feed Production Up 4.6 Per Cent
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 » A Badger Cull Could Cost Farmers
 » VLA Oct Update - Respiratory Diseases Persistant
 » Book Your Beef Expo 2011 Trade Stand Now
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 » Reducing CO2 Footprints & Increasing Production

   European Union

 » EC GM Stance Should Apply To Animals
 » IFA Warning Over EU/Mercosur Trade Negotiations


 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » World Experts to Tackle Infectious Disease Threats
 » Grainfed Cattle Numbers Decline Further
 » Vaccinating Cattle To Protect Human Health

   United States

 » Retailer Announces New Welfare Codes
 » Mixed News For Corn And Soybean Exports
 » CME: Grain Markets Worry Livestock Farmers
 » Online Mapping Tool To Track Animal Diseases
 » EPA GHG Regulations ‘Double Economic Jolt’ To Ag
 » Estrus Synchronization Planner Updated
 » Cattle Outlook
 » CME: Beef Exports Higher In 2010
 » CME: 2010 Beef Exports A Record
 » ISU Animal Industry Report Now Available Online
 » 2011 ISU Animal Industry Report Now Available Online
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Best Year Ever For US Beef

   Korea, North

 » FMD Appears in DPRK
   New Zealand

 » Pushing For A Department For Primary Industries


 » Agribusiness Review For NZ And Australia
 » Animal Medicines To Play Vital Role In Food Security

   Russian Federation

 » Russia & WTO: Meat Imports Still To Be Resolved


 » State Aid Sanctioned For Struggling Dutch Farmers


 » Ireland Scores Well On Carbon Footprint For Cattle


 » China Adds Beef Onto Import Reporting List
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