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TheDairySite Newsletter - 11 February 2011
Friday 11th February 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: The GM Argument

Eurogroup for Animals has expressed concern that the European Commission is to present an ethical and moral list to justify a ban on genetically modified crops to the European Council today (Friday), while not expending the proposals for animals and their offspring.

The group believes that the same arguments, including the preservation of farming diversity, religious or philosophical concerns and consumer choice, apply to the production of cloned animals and their offspring as well as genetically modified (GM) crops.

The group said that the development of animal cloning as a method of food production is being pursued without public awareness and despite well-documented public concerns relating to the use of biotechnology in food production including genetic modification and it added that this is unacceptable.

On the other hand, farming union Copa-Cogeca is urging EU countries to agree on new EU rules on the low level presence of genetically modified organisms in feed.

It says that if this is not done, EU livestock farmers input costs will soar, costing them hundreds of millions of Euros and forcing some producers out of business.

Copa-Cogeca called on member states in the Permanent Committee for Biotechnology to agree a draft regulation allowing at minimum the presence of non-authorised genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in feed up until a maximum threshold of 0.1 per cent.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Monitoring Livestock Health and Welfare Remotely
New research from Scotland could allow farmers to monitor the status of their herd remotely, writes Chris Harris for TheCattleSite.
What Is An EBV And How Can It Help You?
Estimated breeding values (EBVs) are an essential selection tool, which are underused in the UK, says William Haires, Nuffield scholar and Pedigree/ Commercial beef breeder.
Antimicrobial Bans Could Hit US Exports
Exports of US livestock and poultry products are important both to farmers and to the US economy, however the US market share could be threatened by imposition of controls on the use of antimicrobials in feed.
Review Of The Economic Performance Of Irish Dairy Farms in 2009
Trevor Donnellan and Thia Hennessy from Teagasc review dairy farm performance in 2009, saying that 2009 was a bad year for dairy producers.
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* Company News

Boluses See Phenomonal Post Calving Results
NORTHERN IRELAND, UK - High yielding Holstein herds bolused with Animax's Tracesure Cu/I are achieving peak yields up to a month earlier.
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News

   Korea, North

 » FMD NEWS: FMD Appears in DPRK


 » Livestock Boom Risks Aggravating Animal Plagues

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 » Irish Dairy Industry Set For Expansion
 » 2020 Road Map For Dairy Expansion Published
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
   New Zealand

 » Reality Check A Focus At Pasture Improvement Day
 » Pushing For A Department For Primary Industries

   European Union

 » EC GM Stance Should Apply To Animals
 » New EU Rules Required For GM Feed

   United States

 » Revitalisation Conference for SE Dairy Industry
 » Swift Passage Of FTAs Called For
 » Workshop To Focus On Wasting Disease In Cattle
 » USDA Revises Brucellosis Programme
 » Corn Consumption Still Progressing Rapidly
 » Kentucky Dairy Partners To Meet In March
 » Keeping Connected With The Dairy Industry
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Dairy Farmer Leaders Convene For DFA Conference
 » Withdraw Proposed GIPSA Rule To Encourage Investment
 » CME: Grain Markets Worry Livestock Farmers
 » Online Mapping Tool To Track Animal Diseases
 » EPA GHG Regulations ‘Double Economic Jolt’ To Ag

   Korea, South

 » FMD Found at Korea's Largest Pig Breeding Farm


 » Woolworths Supports Queensland Dairy Farmers
 » Consumers Urged To Drink Branded Milk
 » World Experts to Tackle Infectious Disease Threats

 » US Corn and DDGS Under Discussion in China

   Czech Republic

 » Fewer Cattle & Pigs, More Poultry In Czech Republic


 » Italien Milk Production Remains Stable


 » Netherlands Bans Double Decker Cattle Transporters


 » Agribusiness Review For NZ And Australia

   Russian Federation

 » Russia & WTO: Meat Imports Still To Be Resolved
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