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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 2 February 2011

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Editorial: Continuing Increase In Feed Prices Having Major Consequences For Producers

US beef numbers are continuing to fall, as high feed prices are putting increasing financial pressure on businesses.

On the contrary, dairy cow numbers have been gradually increasing, however with higher feed prices, many producers are operating at a loss.

Huge hikes in animal feed bills are driving the dramatic downturn in the incomes being forecast for English farmers.

In Ireland, beef producers are being advised to hold out on selling finished stock, and insist on higher prices.

The industry has accused processors of undermining beef market confidence and cattle prices.

Finally, producers in Australia are being warned that there is a severe risk of tick fever, following the floods. Vets are advising that all stock be treated and that producers keep an eye open for signs of the disease in their herds.

Charlotte Johnston

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Improving Performance In Suckler Herds Through Breeding Plans
Breeding is the key to a successful future for suckler herds , said William Haires, Nuffield scholar at the British Cattle Breeders Conference. Charlotte Johnston, TheCattleSite Editor reports.
Meat Industry Faces a Squeezed Middle Market
The meat industry faces three separate challenges - increasing and maintaining margins, accommodating greater uncertainty in the business environment and responding to market segmentation, writes Chris Harris TheCattleSite Editor in Chief.
Taking New Measures Against Ticks
Ticks are close relatives of mites, spiders and scorpions, but unlike these arachnids, ticks tend to stick around, warns the USDA ARS.
Plan Now To Improve Calving Weight
With higher calf prices in the fall of 2010, there is a belief in the industry that the prices will hold going into the fall of 2011. Higher prices provide an incentive to increase calf weaning weights and dollars received per calf when this upcoming calf crop is sold.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


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 » S Korea Culls Over 3 Million Livestock to Control FMD

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