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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 12 January

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Editorial: International Trade Starts Strong

With beef demand exceeding domestic beef production, the Turkish government is extending the period of lower import tariffs, which will remain in place until the end of 2011.

The import duty for beef carcases will remain at 30 per cent, as opposed to the usual 225 per cent. Since Turkey reduced import tariffs last October, it imported around 22,000 tonnes in the space of two months, the vast majority from Europe.

Russia has announced that it will double the US's frozen beef quota allocation from 21,700 to 41,700 MT.

Whilst this is good news for the US, the Russian government has warned that this increase in quota will result in significant reductions for "other countries".

Japanese beef imports during November 2010 surged by 50 per cent year-on-year, with the frozen beef intake jumping 105 per cent on the relatively low volumes 12 months earlier.

Australia was a major contributor to the increase in frozen beef imports during November, with shipments increasing 78 per cent on 2009.

Producers in Australia are being warned of increased animal disease risks, due to the extreme flooding. A number of diseases including three-day sickness, akabane, blackleg, leptospirosis and botulism can be all be fatal to cattle.

Foot and mouth disease is still sweeping across South Korea, devastating the agriculture economy. Bulgarian authorities have also confirmed an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in cattle, swine and wild boar.

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 3 new features this week:

EU Beef Market Prospects
Following difficult trading conditions due to weak market demand, particularly for higher value cuts, the European beef market has shown signs of stabilising over recent months as a combination of tighter availability and a more positive currency situation has helped the trade, says Padraig Brennan from Bord Bia.
Beef Production From The Dairy Herd
At a recent dairy calf to beef conference in Ireland, Padraig French from Teagasc, Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, looked at current trends in beef production from the dairy herd.
Pig And Cattle Diets To Control Salmonella
Researchers in Ireland's Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown and University College Dublin showed that manipulating diet can reduce the survival of Salmonella in pig faeces, but overall control of Salmonella in cattle and pigs requires additional measures. They also found a correlation between antibiotic resistance and the ability of Salmonella to survive in animal digestive systems.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » FMD NEWS: FMD in Bulgarian Cattle, Swine
 » EC Adopts Protection Measures After Case in Wild Boar
 » Bulagaria Reports FMD in Wild Boar
 » Bulgaria Reports Another Outbreak of FMD

   Korea, South

 » South Korea Buries Pigs Alive to Contain FMD
 » S. Korea Confirms More FMD Outbreaks Near Seoul, East Coast
 » More FMD Plaguing South Korea
 » Over 1.3 Million Livestock to be Culled to Combat FMD

   United Kingdom

 » NFUS Believes DEFRA Vision for Support Flawed
 » Strong Beef Demand In November
 » OFC - EU Ag Commissioner Outlines Future Of CAP
 » OFC - Science Award Launched
 » OFC - Research In Value And Viability Of UK Farming
 » NFU Concerns Carry Weight With VMD
 » New Levy Income Should Lift Beef Exports
 » £50m Deal For RASE

Animax Veterinary Health
   United States

 » Retail Staple Food Prices Edge Higher
 » Death Reported Of Don Tyson
 » Supply Of Red Meat Expected To Fall
 » Korean Ambassador Optimistic WTO Will Be Ratified
 » AFBF Outlines New Spirit of Ag Advocacy
 » AMI Calls For More Funding For Agricultural Research
 » USDA and FDA Discuss Food Safety Oversight
 » CME: Cattle Slaughter Drops
 » Improving The Value Chain Analysis
 » Tight Supplies Characterise 2011 Livestock Outlook


 » Get Involved In World Veterinary Day, Says OIE
 » Russia, Belarus Agree On Meat, Dairy Trade
 » DuPont To Acquire Danisco For $6.3 Billion
 » Livestock Investment Needed In Developing Countries

   European Union

 » D&S Fleisch Acquisition by Danish Crown Approved


 » Turkish Market Opening To Irish Beef
 » Lower Turkish Beef Import Tariffs Continue


 » Edible Insects Produce Less GHG than Livestock


 » Floods Hit Beef Supplies
 » Floods Could Trigger Animal Diseases
 » Hereford Weaners Crack AU$1000

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 » Frozen Beef Imports Surge In Japan

   New Zealand

 » Dairy Aids Surge In Overseas Trade

   Russian Federation

 » Russia Doubles US Frozen Beef Quota


 » A'Saffa Foods - New Identity, New Brands

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