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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 29 September 2010

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 29th September 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Hot Topics At World Meat Congress 2010

This week, the World Meat Congress 2010 is being held in Argentina.

Speaking during a Beef Committee meeting at the biennial event, Sebastiao Costa Guedes, the President of the Brazilian National Beef Cattle Council said that the Hilton Quota for exports of high quality beef to the European Union needs to be rethought and made more flexible.

He highlighted that Brazil and Argentina were failing to fulfil their quotas, due to a number of reasons.

Mr Guedes said that harmonisation of EU criteria was required, as high EU demands were forcing some countries to seek other markets.

Also speaking at the World Meat Congress was Professor Neville Gregory, the International Meat Secretariat Scientific Adviser. He called on the industry to be wary of potential criticism from consumer and action groups over possible welfare issues in developing countries.

He highlighted potential concerns over the condition for transporting live animals in India and South East Asia, as well as animal disease issues, including foot and mouth disease and Rift Valley Fever.

Paddy Moore, outgoing president of the International Meat Secretariat said that international trade in meat will grow, despite the occasional setbacks through animal diseases, food safety scares and issues surrounding market access.

Charlotte Johnston

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Growing Global Market For Offal
Global exports of offal are worth about £140 million - about eight per cent of the total global meat product market, writes TheCattleSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
The Brazilian Beef Industry
Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef and the second largest beef producer after the United States. The Brazilian beef industry has grown strongly over the past decade, with production increasing by 36 per cent to 8.9 million tonnes in 2009.
VLA Update July 2010
Johne's disease is becoming one of the most frequently reported enteric diseases in adult cattle, says the Veterinary Laboratory Agency's UK animal health survey.
Canada - Livestock and Products Annual Report 2010
Canada's cattle and hog herds are forecast to stabilise in 2011. Rebuilding may emerge in 2012 based on higher animal prices and a strong demand due to current tight markets. Cattle and hog inventories are forecast to be down 5.6 per cent and 4.0 per cent, respectively, from 2010 levels, according to the latest GAIN report from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
VIV America Latina
* Company News

Mycofix More Effective Against Toxins
AUSTRIA - Putting Mycofix® to the test in several in vitro and in vivo experiments involving ergot and endotoxin poisoning, Biomin proves once again its leading reputation in (myco)toxins control and management.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


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Animax Veterinary Health
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