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TheDairySite Newsletter - 5 March 2010

TheDairySite Weekly Newsletter
Friday 5th March 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Allocation Of EU Milk Fund

£273 million is to be allocated to EU dairy farmers to help those who have been severely affected by changes in demand and prices over the last year.

More than £26 million from the EU Dairy Fund will soon be distributed to British dairy farmers at a flat rate payment of roughly 0.2 pence per litre of milk produced between October 2008 and September 2009.

The qualifying threshold for payments will be 50,000 litres, in a bid to keep administrative costs as low as possible.

The EU has announced that it intends to give member states more choice in deciding whether to cultivate genetically modified organisms. Discussed were possibilities for GM potatoes and maize crops. A full proposal will be issued in summer.

Delegates at this weeks ABARE conference in Australia were told that world dairy prices are forecast to remain relatively firm in 2010-11 after rebounding from the low prices experienced in mid-2009.

John Hogan, Manager of ABARE’s Agricultural Commodity Analysis, said that as world economic recovery strengthens and demand for dairy products picks up, world dairy prices are projected to remain relatively high although they will be below the peak of 2007-08.

He expects this to be driven by increasing demand for dairy products, particularly in the developing economies of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Charlotte Johnston
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Tail Docking: A Welfare Issue?
With the recent publicity in the US regarding the tail docking of dairy cows, Charlotte Johnston, TheCattleSite junior editor speaks with industry representatives to find more about the practice.
Financial Crisis Still Hurting US Beef Trade
Long term cattle supplies in the US are going to fall by another one to 1.5 per cent over this year, writes TheCattleSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
A Natural Alternative to Antibiotics in Animal Feed
Binding molecules from seaweed extracts within the molecular layers of natural clays makes the clay ten times more efficient at adsorbing the harmful fungal toxins which are commonly found in animal feed. The resulting new hybrid product has a huge potential market worldwide as a completely natural, effective alternative to the formerly-used antibiotics, which are now prohibited from this use in the European Union.
US Beef And Dairy Outlook Report - February 2010
Liquidation has led to a further decline in the national cow herd, however with a fall in corn prices expected there is the potential for producers to increase beef production. The fall in herd numbers is likely to affect the dairy industry as well with milk production predicted to fall, despite yields increasing.
DuPont Animal Health Solutions
* Company News

Vaccine Promises Improved Cattle Management
NEW ZEALAND - An innovative vaccine that promises improved cattle behaviour management has been launched in New Zealand.
Online Matchmaking With Suppliers From VNU
NETHERLANDS - With the launch of Animal, VNU Exhibitions has introduced online match-making for the worldwide markets for animal production and processing.
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