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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 9 December 2009

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 9th December 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: A Look At The Export Markets

Things are looking tough for beef production at the moment. The US has reported that its import beef market has fallen because of lower demand. Australia has reported the lowest exports since 1997. Reports suggest this is due to the high Australian dollar and a significant reduction in beef production.

The EU-15 beef production is forecast to fall, increasing the beef production deficit to 23 per cent, and leaving self-sufficiency at 96 per cent.

The only country appearing to do well at the moment is Brazil. It has recorded booming live cattle exports, which have pushed up cattle prices by an estimated 10 per cent in the north of the country. Cattle exports have increased to Chile, as a ban on Brazil imports was lifted earlier this year.

Exports have also risen to the Middle East. The Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC) has been actively promoting its products and conducting marketing activities during the year, with further initiatives planned for the New Year.

The English beef and lamb executive has planned an ambitious export marketing programme for 2010, in a bid to improve producer returns.

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Charlotte Johnston

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Roadmap to Cutting Livestock Emissions
UK agriculture will have to find savings equivalent to 3 million tonnes of CO2 a year between now and 2020 to achieve the government's emissions reduction targets, writes TheCattleSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
Value Of Beef: More Figures And Headaches
Kris Ringwall, beef specialist, North Dakota State Extension Service, finds out where one should look to find out why the value that the producer receives for beef is questionnable.
Bleeding Calf Syndrome: The Facts
Also known as idiopathic haemorrhagic diathesis of calves, or blood sweating disease, the cause of this newly identified disease is unknown. The Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) is working with other organisations to investigate this disease.
DNA Selection - The Basics
Scientific discoveries, despite been mind boggling, are providing a number of opportunities in the livestock sector, writes Dr Scott P Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, Virginia Cooperative Extension.
Cow Signals Training Books
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News

   United States

 » Brucellosis Found in Eastern Idaho Cow
 » Can You Feed Mouldy Corn as Silage?
 » CME: Feed Prices and Supplies Cause Concern
 » Senator Introduces Food Safety Legislation
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 » Farmers To Gain From House Climate Bill
 » Managing Feed Costs To Improve Profitability
 » Proposals To Manage Bovine TB
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » US Imported Market Softens
 » CME: Heifer-Corn Ration in November Up
 » Trial Begins For Cattle Vaccine
 » Will the Soft Red Winter Wheat Basis Ever Strengthen?
 » 2010 Outlook For Kentucky Farm Economy
 » Tyson Names New Leaders For Key Operating Units
 » Doha Round Concludes Market Access for US Grains
 » Maintain High-Quality Silage In Storage  » Educational Platform For 2010 Cattle Industry Convention
 » AFB Comment on EPA's Climate Change Finding
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Free Advice Service For Small Meat Processors
 » Greenhouse Gas Ruling Could Devaste Agriculture
 » Be Prepared For Winter Storms
 » CME: First Snow Storm Impacts Livestock Prices


 » Canada And Mexico Eye On Japanese Beef Market


 » Meat 'Grown' In Test Tube Will Tackle Climate Change


 » Changes To Livestock Import Rules
 » Food Amendment Bill
 » Beef Exports Lowest Since 1997
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » Chilled Grainfed Drives Exports To Japan Allflex
   United Kingdom

 » Tasty, Tender, Traditional Scotch Beef
 » Record Early SPS Payments For England
 » LMC Report: Market Forces at Work!
 » Union Pushes For Proportionate Penalties
 » Beating Johne's Disease
 » Ufac Appoints New Marketing Manager
 » Farming Not Immune From Global Economic Crisis
 » France Leaves Britain Out Of Farm Spending Talks
 » Sexed Beef Semen First For Cogent
 » ABP Launches Student Bursaries
 » EBLEX Push Exports
 » Union Jack Only To Accompany Red Tractor
 » Olympic Award For Red Tractor
 » Joint Approach to Meat Hygiene Services
 » More Animals To Be Removed As TB Reactors
 » Diseases of Animals Bill Agreed

   European Union

 » Beef Self Sufficiency Decreasing
 » Caution Advised Over Use Of Cobalt In Feed
 » Lower EU Beef Output Expected In 2010 Animax Veterinary Health

 » Stronger Competition For Cattle In Northern Brazil
 » Brazil Focuses on Chile
 » Middle East Buys Beef


 » Farmers Urged To Prioritise Financial Planning
 » The Worst Farming Year Since 1973
 » Demand Holding For Quality And Slaughter Cattle


 » OIE Resolves To Control Vet Drug Misuse

   Russian Federation

 » Russia Develops New Food Security Policy


 » Hainan is China's First Disease-Free Province


 » Danish Food Safety Standard Wins Recognition Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

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