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TheDairySite Newsletter - 13 November 2009

TheDairySite Weekly Newsletter
Friday 13th November 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Things Are On The Up!

Finally, there is some positive news for the global dairy industry this week, as confidence and prices increase.

UK milk prices have on average increased eight per cent since April, and there is speculation that this could be the turnaround the dairy industry needs. With interest rates expected to remain low for the next few years, some experts say this could be the perfect time for producers to invest.

The New Zealand dairy industry is ready to invest. Fonterra announced earlier this week an increase in their milk payout. Synlait is planning to expand, hoping to build a second milk processing plant. To raise money for this, teh company is planning on taking its milk processing division public. Furthermore, AgResearch is opening a new dairy research farm in Waikato.

A survey carried out by Dairy Australia says that respondents expressed greater confidence in their dairy industry. The survey also said that lower fertiliser and feed prices could offset some of the decline in milk prices.

The Ugandan Dairy Authority is clamping down on dairies, who dilute milk with water. Regulations state that milk must be sold to consumers undiluted, so far five dairies have been found to be in violation of this.

The future of the Common Agricultural Policy was up for discussion this week, as the Agricultural Commissioner left no doubt that post 2013, a strong CAP would be needed to combat food security and climate change issues.

Charlotte Johnston

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Sand-laden Manure Handling Options
Sand bedding is very popular with many dairy producers until it comes to handling sand-laden manure. While sand is very comfortable for cows to lie on in well designed and managed freestalls, sand-laden manure is difficult to handle and abrasive to concrete and manure handling equipment including skid steer loaders, pumps and manure spreaders.
Increase Your Chances of A Successful Future
Jim Salfer, a dairy educator at the University of Minnesota Extension looks at how dairy businesses can increase their chances of success.
Fertilising in Late Autumn
Fertilising pasture in the late autumn can strengthen grass for the following spring, says Rory Lewandowski, Ohio State University Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - November 2009
According to the latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates from the USDA's World Agricultural Outlook Board (WOAB), red meat and poultry exports forecasts for 2009 and 2010 have been raised.
* Company News

New Merck Company Begins Operations
US - Merck has outlined its global plans following the completion of Merck's merger with Schering-Plough Corporation announced this week. Raul E. Kohan has been named president of the Animal Health division.
New IBR Educational Material
UK - Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health has produced a new suite of education materials to highlight the costly financial losses associated with IBR infection in cattle herds.
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News

   United Kingdom

 » National Beef Calf Decline Accelerates
 » LMC Report: The Carbon Footprint of Livestock
 » World Dairy Market Must Deliver Price Stability
 » NFUS Urges Participation in Carbon Footprint Study
 » English Livestock Industry Successful in Cambodia
 » Fresh Air To Fight Pneumonia
 » Why Science Matters in Farming
 » Scottish Dairy Farmers Tackle Health and Welfare
 » United Kingdom Milk Prices and Composition of Milk
 » Should Dairy Farmers Invest in 2010?
   European Union

 » The Safety And Efficacy of MycoCell
 » EU Milk Group Offers Opportunity for Dairy Sector
 » 2013 Onwards: The Future of CAP?


 » Dudhsagar Dairy in India to Set Up Cattle Feed Plant


 » Ensuring the Most Exposed Animals the Best Welfare

   United States

 » Aflatoxin-contaminated Corn Threatens Dairy Cattle
 » Paper Aims to Debunk Livestock Production ‘Myths’
 » North Dakota Dairy Convention
 » How Much DDG is in Cattle Feed in Nebraska?
 » FDA Approves Camelina Meal for Cattle Feed
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Operation Dairy Tests Kids on Dairy Farming
 » Complaint Over Misleading Cow Comfort
 » USDA Crop Report to Be Watched Closer
 » Development of Fallen Stock Disposal Standards Animax Veterinary Health

 » Best Conditions For Dairy Industry in the West

   New Zealand

 » Fonterra Increases 2009/10 Payout Forecast
 » Tokanui Dairy Research Farm
 » Industry Leaders Meet on Farmer Compliance Issues
 » Financial Casualties Predicted in Dairy Sector
 » Synlait to Take Milk Processing Public


 » Dairy Producers Remain Optimistic
 » Untagged Cattle Raise Large Fines Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

 » U of M to Develop Manure Odour Dispersion Model
 » The Best Use of Low Cost Feed Ingredients


 » Small Beef Farmers to Benefit from $13 Million Project


 » Ghana Declared Rinderpest-free


 » Dairy Industry Must Continue to Work Together


 » Dairy Body Toughens On Milk Quality Claas - Time for new rules

That's all for this week!

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