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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 7 October 2009

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 7th October 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Food Safety - Who's Responsible?

Discoveries of E.coli bacteria in the US, transferred through meat, have caused great concerns.

No meat processor has publicly acknowledged the claims and defended producers, despite the fact that it is likely their operating procedures could be in the wrong.

While the industry tries to defend itself, the Department of Agriculture insists that food safety and public health is of the upmost importance. The question arises, however, who ultimately has the power and responsibility to monitor meat plants for public safety?

Across the globe, China is hoping to expand its meat markets with a greater focus on food safety and supply chain security, while a project has been launched in New Zealand aimed at reducing the transmission of antibiotic resistant bacteria through the food chain.

Cattle handling programmes encouraging producers to raise awareness of best practices including early recognition of behaviour and health problems are taking place in Canada and the US.

Domestic demand for beef in the US remains weak, with beef prices down and slaughter numbers down (despite a surge in dairy cow slaughter). The Beef Council and Cattlemen's Beef Board announced this week an increase in funding for US beef marketing in a bid to increase the demand.

Australian cattle markets are still facing dark days with no improvements in cattle prices or exports.

In the UK, industry leaders have said UK beef prices are unacceptable. A report has led to criticism of supermarkets not supporting British beef producers and suggested they are allowing large meat processors to keep UK and Ireland prices low.

Charlotte Johnston

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Canola For Forage
With potentially high feed costs could crops damaged by drought or frost provide an economical and nutritious winterfeed alternative. TheCattleSite junior editor, Charlotte Johnston looks into the possibility of canola.
Winter Feeding Management
With winter approaching and a hard summer behind them, producers may find they are short of feed. Planning ahead, using alternative feeds and culling cows may be options to consider to improve cow performance and profits, writes TheCattleSite junior editor, Charlotte Johnston.
Remote Winter Watering
Outwintering stock - how can you provide water to your herd beyond the traditional confinement yard site whilst avoiding spending large amounts of money?
Ensure Cows Earn Their Keep
Putting the pressure on cows to perform well, will ensure a highly productive and eocnomically efficient beef herd.
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
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