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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 26 August 2009

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 26th August 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Organic Meat: The Ups and Downs of the Pros and the Cons

A new study out this week suggests that when compared to conventionally raised beef cattle, organic and natural production systems do not impact antibiotic susceptibility of Escherichia coli O157:H7.

The news comes just weeks after the UK Food Standards Agency concluded that there are no important differences in the nutrition content, or any additional health benefits, of organic food when compared with conventionally produced food.

This is bad news for organic produce, as advocates have long been proclaiming the health benefits of organic.

However, many have been quick to highlight other benefits. The Soil Association countered with the argument that organic food production is planet-friendly, whilst also promoting good standards of animal welfare, a chemical-free environment and the encouragement of larger areas of pasture.

Statistic released this week have revealed how the public has taken to organic food. Due to increased demand, organic livestock numbers in the UK have risen by 30 to 40 per cent between 2007 and 2008.

Adam Anson

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

BeefTalk: 2009 Production Benchmarks Are In
In reality, the need is to grow profitable cattle that a producer can appreciate and still meet industry needs, Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, North Dakota State University Extension Service.
Understanding the Ruminant Animal Digestive System
Ruminant livestock include cattle, sheep,and goats. Ruminants are hoofed mammals that have a unique digestive system that allows them to better use energy from fibrous plant material than other herbivores, writes Dr. Jane A. Parish, Dr. J. Daniel Rivera and Dr. Holly T. Boland in this Mississippi State University Extension Service report.
US Beef and Dairy Outlook Report
Declining dairy cow inventories, no growth in dairy replacement heifer inventories, and beef heifer inventories that are declining more rapidly than beef cow inventories imply continuing liquidation of the national cow herd, according to the USDA ERS August 2009 Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook.
Canadian Cattle Statistics August 2009
Canadian cattle producers estimated their herd at 14.8 million head as of July 1, the fourth consecutive yearly decline. By Statistics Canada.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » FMD NEWS: Danish Test Can Save Millions of Cattle
 » CAST Analyse Productivity and Genetic Diversity
 » Antibiotic Susceptibility and Organic Cattle Production

   European Union

 » BLUETONGUE: The Risk Remains


 » LMC Review Is Key To The Future Of Red Meat
 » IFA Exposes Two for One Feed Ration Ploy
 » Smith Extends REPS Slurry Spreading Period

   United States

 » K-State Vet Says Beef Industry Doing a Lot Right
 » CME: Placements Expected to be Higher
 » CME: Beef Cow Inventories on the Decline
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook: Feed Market Down
 » US Livestock Slaughter Statistics: July Red Meat Production Below Previous Year Level
 » AMI's Boyle Meets with President Obama
 » CME: Sharp Increase in Feedlots in July
 » Uncertainty Drives US Livestock Markets
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » US Experts Team up to Promote Cattle Well-Being

John Deere - Premium Versitality

 » More Poultry, Cattle in Switzerland


 » Emissions Trading, Red Hot Issue for Red Meat
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » Record Fiscal Year Beef Export Returns

   United Kingdom

 » FSA: Untested Bullock Enters UK Food Chain
 » Scotland Sends Out Clear Message on Bovine TB
 » Bluetongue The Risk Remains
 » NFU Learn to Tackle bTB the New Zealand Way
 » United Kingdom - Organic Statistics 2008
 » New Booklet to Help Farmers Fight Parasites


 » ICOMST: Danish Crown Serves Up Tasty Experience
 » Danish Test Can Save Millions of Cattle
 » DC Horsens Nominated for Automation Prize


 » Brazil Promote Cattle Genetics Abroad

   United Arab Emirates

 » UAE Lifts Ban on Cattle Imports

   Viet Nam

 » New Opportunity for US Feed in Vietnam


 » Jurisdiction Slowing Food Safety Improvements
 » Canadian Beef Ban May Not Last
 » Canada to Expand Beef Exports to Russia

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