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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 19 August 2009
Wednesday 19th August 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Hope and Despair in Latin America

Drought conditions in Argentina continued to deteriorate this week. With pastures dried up and forage prices sky-high, many producers have no option but to leave their animals to starve in the field. For the first time in years Argentina -- the world's biggest per person beef consumer -- may be forced to import beef.

Further concerns regard the future of the country's beef supply. So severe are the problems faced by producers this year that even breedstock are being sacrificed.

In neighbouring Brazil, the Embassy has denied claims that eating Brazilian meat will fuel the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, as claimed by the Greenpeace report ‘Slaughtering the Amazon’, published in June. The Embassy insisted: "European consumers can rest assured that in buying Brazilian beef they are not exacerbating Amazon deforestation". However, it later transpired that even the beef companies behind the destruction were perhaps not convinced by the Embassy's reassurance.

Bertin and Marfrig have now announced themselves committed to Grennpeace's moratorium on buying cattle from farms responsible for Amazon deforestation. According to Greenpeace, it leaves JBS, the world's largest producer and global exporter of processed beef, as the last major exporter that has failed to commit to help end the destruction of the Amazon.

Adam Anson

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

GM Feed in the EU: Policies and Principles
As the price of non-GM feed soars, the European meat industry - bound by strict regulations - struggles to compete both in global and domestic markets, writes Adam Anson, TheCattleSite.
Driving is Not Herding
A few years ago, I was in Kenya, Africa, visiting development projects supported by my denomination. We visited a Masai tribal site on the Serengeti plain where young people were herding free ranging groups of cattle. There were no fences and plenty of wildlife nearby but herder and cow were well under control, reports Dennis Johnson, Dairy Production Systems, in this University of Minnesota Dairy Extension report.
Livestock Fencing Systems for Pasture Management
Fences can significantly increase livestock grazing efficiency. The first step in planning livestock fencing is determining the purpose and goals of the fencing programme, says Dr. Rocky Lemus, Jimmy Parish, and Dr. Jane Parish, Mississippi State University.
The Impact of US Carbon Tax on Livestock Farmers
Climate change legislation was approved in the U.S. House of Representatives last month and the Senate will consider similar legislation when Members return after Labour Day, writes Stu Ellis, University of Illinois Extension.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
According to the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report from the World Agricultural Outlook Board, weak demand for cattle, hogs and broilers is pressuring prices.
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* Company News

Registration Opens for VIV China
CHINA - Registration is now open to attend VIV China 2009, which will be in Beijing on 19 to 21 October.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News

   United States

 » First Members Elected to Meat Industry Hall of Fame
 » AFBF: Report Bearish for Corn, Neutral for Soybeans
 » Study Shows Importance of Starch at all Stages
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   United Kingdom

 » NBA: Short Supplies Dominating Slaughter Market
 » FSA and Defra Report Examines GM Feed
 » Beef Farmers Head For Glenlivet
 » UK Industry Counters Cancer Scare Reports
 » UFU Supports Defra's Food Policy Debate
 » Lver Fluke Threat Goes Critical Across the Country
 » Incidence of TB in UK Cattle - August 2009


 » RSPCA's Supermarket Animal Welfare Competition


 » Germany Introduces 'Without Gene Technology' Label


 » Brazilian Embassy Defends Beef Over Deforestation
 » Big Beef Companies Join Amazon Campaign
 » Brazilian Beef Kicks Back Over Protests
 » Marfrig and Bertin End Talks
 » Brazil to Promote Genetics of Hereford Cattle
Genus - Value through science and genomics

 » Grazier Says Emission Trading Would Kill Industry
 » ABA Warning Over Herd Forecasts
 » Australians Prosper on Low Canadian Beef Supplies
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary


 » Options for Utilising Lower Quality Crops Evaluated
 » CFIA Enhances Animal Disease Reporting


 » Unlocking Disease Resistance from Animal Genomes


 » Countdown Begins on Year's Biggest Mycotoxin Event

   European Union

 » NBA Praise Probe On Farm Cross-Compliance Costs


 » Argentina: Drought and Death May Lead to Imports
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