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TheDairySite Newsletter - 14 August 2009
Friday 14th August 2009
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Editorial: The GM Problem that Just Won't Go Away

As supplies of non-GM feed dwindle worldwide, those involved in the European livestock industry are becoming seriously concerned for their future. The economic burden of rising feed costs may soon render many farmers unable to compete with foreign meat products. The cost of GM policies may come at the cost of domestic industries.

The steadily growing problem brought the lingering GM dilemma back into the lime-light this week. Farmers and Ministers began pressing the European Commission to approve GM crop varieties as animal feed, and later, the UK Food Standards Agency and the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs released an analysis of the potential effects of market trends and genetic modification (GM) regulations on food and feed imports.

The analysis expressed concerns over the rate of EU approvals for GM products, coupled with the absence of any tolerance for low levels of unauthorised GM material. A shake-up in the licensing process could take years to achieve, so one option under discussion at the Commission is to allow farmers to use non-authorised GM crop varieties with maximum threshold levels as an interim measure.

However, not all counties are so quick to dismiss the benefits of non-GM. At the end of this week, the German Minister for Agriculture, Ilse Aigner, presented a standardised logo for food products ‘without gene technology’. In particular, products such as milk or meat are expected to prosper from this move.

Adam Anson

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Functional Quality Management Systems for Livestock Producers
Will livestock producers adopt a systematic management approach of continuous improvement and document their production practices to refine their management and satisfy requirements of customers, asks John Lawrence of the Iowa Beef Center in this Leopold Centre Competitive Grant Report.
Mastitis Detection, Prevention, and Control in Dairy Replacement Heifers
Replacement heifers, whether they are raised on the farm, purchased from other dairies, or contract-raised by growers, are critical to herd productivity because they represent the future milking and breeding stock in all dairy operations, writes Stephen C. Nickerson, University of Georgia and William E. Owens, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, published by eXtension.
Aureomycin and Zinc Reduce Incidence of Foot Rot in Grass Cattle
Despite an occasional respiratory problem, the major health-related cost that stocker producers will experience with grazing calves are performance losses and treatment costs associated with foot rot, writes Dale A. Blasi, beef specialist, K-State University.
Issues and Prospects in Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat Futures Markets
The past 5 years have seen large increases in trading of corn, soybean, and wheat futures contracts by nontraditional traders, a trend that coincided with historic price increases for these commodities, says a report from the Economic Research Service, USDA.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
According to the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report from the World Agricultural Outlook Board, weak demand for cattle, hogs and broilers is pressuring prices.
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* Company News

Registration Opens for VIV China
CHINA - Registration is now open to attend VIV China 2009, which will be in Beijing on 19 to 21 October.
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