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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 15 July 2009
Wednesday 15th July 2009
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Editorial: Written Testimony May Spell End to Routine Use of US Antibiotics

The Obama administration may be on the verge of taking decisive action against livestock antibiotics. The media has been awash with the news that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have called for limits on their use. Many believe this could mark the end of routine production practices in concentrated livestock operations.

"Feeding antibiotics to healthy chickens, pigs and cattle, done to encourage rapid growth, should cease," said Joshua Sharfstein, Deputy Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration in a written testimony. He added that the FDA also believes the use of medications for prevention and control should be conducted under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Margaret Mellon, director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Food and Environment Programme, also testified before the House Rules Committee. She expressed her belief that the vast amounts of antibiotics used in the livestock industry provide an inhumane answer to concentrated operations. She also described how their use is leading to superbugs untreatable in both animals and humans.

Other scientific and medical association aired their support for this proposal, however, opposition mounted by farm organisations may prevent it from becoming anything greater.

Adam Anson

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Sustainable Animal Production
This book addresses the major issues related to animal health and welfare maintenance in relation to their environment, as well as housing emissions and waste management.
* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Beef Cattle Calving Management
Calving season can be a very intense time for cow-calf producers. It is important to understand the nutritional needs of cows and heifers and be prepared to handle newborn calves properly, say Dr. Jane A. Parish, Dr. Justin D.Rhinehart and Dr. Holly T. Boland, in this Mississippi State University Extension Service report.
Drought, Water, Forages and Cattle
Drought stricken pastures often require specific management practices. This government of Alberta, Agriculture and Rural Development article provides a list of options and management strategies to assist producers in cases of drought conditions.
EFSA Perspectives on Microbial Safety of Beef
EFSA was established in order to provide scientific advice and technical support for legislation and policies in all fields which have a direct or indirect impact on food and feed safety, Marta Hugas and Ernesto Liebana, from the Biological Hazards Unit of the European Food Safety Authority told the Advancing Beef Safety through Research and Innovation international conference organised by ProSafeBeef.
US Feed Outlook
U.S. feed grain production in 2009 is expected to be up from 2008 because of increased acreage, says a report from the Economic Research Service, USDA.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - July 2009
Total US meat production for 2009 is reduced as lower beef output more than offsets higher pork and poultry production, according to the World Agricultural Outlook Board World Agricultural Supply and Demand Report for July.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News

   United Kingdom

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 » Cutting Guide to Balance the Carcase
 » British Agriculture Needs to Boost its Image
 » UKECP Boosting Livestock and Meat Exports
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 » LMC Report: Over 278p/kg Paid For Heifers Last Week


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 » NZ and UK Work Together Towards Food Safety
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Claas - Time for new rules
   New Zealand

 » Vigilance Following Far North Bovine TB Outbreak
 » Need for Balance on Climate Change Targets
 » Farmers to Decide on Best Levy Proposal


 » National Farmed Animal Health Strategy Expected
 » Traceability Consensus Expected to be Challenging
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   Viet Nam

 » Blind Eye Turned to Cattle Smuggled into Quang Tri


 » Vaccination Programme in Uganda


 » Raw Beef Exports Show Recovery
 » Recession Slows Brazilian Beef Surge
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
   European Union

 » Roadmap to Boost European Agro-food Industry
 » Can the EU Uphold Zero Tolerance to GM feed?

   United States

 » FDA Seeks Ban on Unnecessary Animal Antibiotics
 » US Beef Recall May Result in New Regulations
 » Environmentally Friendly Animal Manure
 » CME: Beef Exports Decline Compared to a Year Ago
 » Moving Cattle to Evade Bovine TB
 » Nebraska Conference Focuses on Grazing
 » US Beef Exports Weathering Economic Crises
 » CME: Rainfall Supportive of Corn Growing Conditions
 » Weekly Outlook: USDA Forecasts Ample Crop Supplies
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook: Beef Demand Down
 » In The Cattle Markets


 » First Cloned Calf Born in Iran


 » DM Measurements in Maize Silage Now More Precise
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