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TheDairySite Newsletter - 6th February 2009
Friday 6th February 2009
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Applying HACCP-Based Quality Risk Management on Dairy Farms Applying HACCP-Based Quality Risk Management on Dairy Farms
This book addresses Quality Risk Management through applying the HACCP-like concept. First, the assessment of strong and weak points on a dairy farm are dealt with, which is useful for farm inspection and herd health programmes. Then, the 12-steps for developing a HACCP plan are followed through the various chapters.

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

A Biological Revolution in the Name of Profit
Ongoing advances in genetic technology mean that scientists can increasingly understand, identify and link animal traits with their DNA counterparts. Advocates claim that the commercial application of this technology leads to greater economic efficiency, but for some producers, profit alone isn't enough, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Use of Enzymes to Improve Nutritive Value of Co-Products
UK - The vast majority of feed enzymes used commercially are focussed on improving the availability of nutrients from cereals and soybean meal, the nutrients of interest being one or several of phosphorus, energy, amino acids and other minerals, says Mike Bedford, AB-Vista Feed Ingredients.
Practical Tools to Measure and Monitor Variation
Variation can be a major issue on large dairy herds in the Western US. Too much variation is definitely bad, leading to fluctuations in production and health disorders, claims reserach by W.K. Sanchez, Ph.D., J. Mikus, Ph.D., and W. C. Stone, DVM, Ph.D. Diamond V Technical Services and Field Research. This feature was taken from the proceedings of the High Plains Dairy Conference. A full link to the proceedings is provided below.
The Transformation of U.S. Livestock Agriculture Scale, Efficiency, and Risks
Livestock agriculture has undergone a series of striking transformations. Production is more specialized—farms usually confine and feed a single species of animal, often with feed that has been purchased rather than grown onsite, and they typically specialize in specific stages of animal production, say James M. MacDonald and William D. McBride in their joint USDA ERS report summary.
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* Company News

New Scour Risk Assessment to Cut Disease Costs
GLOBE - A new calf scour disease management initiative has been launched by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.
* Global Dairy Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Untested Cow Enters UK Food Chain
 » FMD NEWS: Argentina Alters Vaccination Programme
 » BLUETONGUE: France Gets Set for Bluetongue
 » Understanding Phosphorus in Soils is Vital

   European Union

 » OIE: Vet Education on the Move to Protect World
 » New Detection for Cattle Dopers
 » Maximum Levels of Vitamin A in Feed Recommended
 » EC Welcomes Parliament's Vote on Animal Feed Law
 » MEPs Demand Transparency on Animal Feed Content
 » Charting BSE in Spain and Portugal
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
   United States

 » 95 Per Cent of Parasites on the Pastures
 » Farming, Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration
 » Minnesota Reminds Farmers of TB Elimination Duty
 » A US Perspective: Prosperity and Peril in 2009
 » CREES Find Green Waste Management Process
 » 2009 ISU Animal Industry Report Available
 » NFU President Testifies on Market Speculation
 » HOD Revises Antimicrobials in Livestock Feeds Policy
 » The Role of Climate and Animal Diseases
 » In The Cattle Markets - Cattle Inventory Down
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » January 1 Cattle Inventory Down Two Per Cent
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Positive for Cattle Feed

   United Kingdom

 » Scottish Livestock Producers Unite to Protect Industry
 » NADIS Cattle Veterinary Report and Forecast – January 2009
 » LMCNI Review: Consumer Confidence in Lamb Holds
 » Glanbia Meetings: a Sign of Milk Cuts to Come?
 » UK Tests Spark Industry Standoff
 » Government Responds to FMD Review
 » NFU Disappointment at BSE Testing Cost Decision
 » Organic Dairy Proves Resilient to Downturn
 » UK Cuts 350 Tonnes of Salt from Cheese
 » Concern Raised as Dairy Farmers UK Cut Milk Price
 » Dangerous Levels of Dioxin Detected in NI Milk
DuPont Animal Health Solutions

 » Philippines Seeks FMD Free Status


 » Brazilian Cattle Farms Eat Away at the Amazon


 » Mixing Livestock into Organic Crop Rotations


 » Australian Dairy Shakes in Wind of Change
 » Oz Flooding Strands Cattle and Producers Alike

   New Zealand

 » Fonterra Reduces Milk Payout in Troubling Times


 » Farming Must Change to Feed the World


 » Launch of FIGAP/VIV América Latina 2010


 » Italy Milks Additional Quotas
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