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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 4th February 2009
Wednesday 4th February 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Last week, TheCattleSite was in Arizona to report on this year's National Cattlemen's Beef Association convention. Themed "A New Day in the Sun,", the conference features the joint and individual meetings of five industry organisations. Read what we discovered in the links below.

 » Merial Updates Calf Preconditioning Programme
 » Pfizer and Michigan State Team Up Against BVD
 » Beef Industry Seeks Responses to Global Economic Pressure
 » New Company Launches Beef Benchmarking, Forward Contracting
 » Feeding Losses, Industry Contraction Hitting US Beef

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

A Biological Revolution in the Name of Profit
Ongoing advances in genetic technology mean that scientists can increasingly understand, identify and link animal traits with their DNA counterparts. Advocates claim that the commercial application of this technology leads to greater economic efficiency, but for some producers, profit alone isn't enough, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Use of Enzymes to Improve Nutritive Value of Co-Products
UK - The vast majority of feed enzymes used commercially are focussed on improving the availability of nutrients from cereals and soybean meal, the nutrients of interest being one or several of phosphorus, energy, amino acids and other minerals, says Mike Bedford, AB-Vista Feed Ingredients.
Backgrounding Calves on Co-products
As cow-calf producers look to add value to their calf crop, backgrounding or pre-condition of cattle may be one potential management option, write Matt Hersom and Jacquline Wahrmund. This publication is part of the University of Florida IFAS, 2008 Beef Cattle Short Course Proceedings. To view the entire proceedings please click on the link provided below.
The Transformation of U.S. Livestock Agriculture Scale, Efficiency, and Risks
Livestock agriculture has undergone a series of striking transformations. Production is more specialized—farms usually confine and feed a single species of animal, often with feed that has been purchased rather than grown onsite, and they typically specialize in specific stages of animal production, say James M. MacDonald and William D. McBride in their joint USDA ERS report summary.
The Importance of Colostrum for Calves
Colostrum intake is critical for a newborn calf, as its immune system is not fully developed when born, says Nanita Blomquist, Alberta Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Disappointment at Testing Cost Decision
 » FMD NEWS: Government Responds to FMD Review
 » BLUETONGUE: Import Threat from Belgium
 » International Fight: Plant Based Livestock Vaccines
 » When Will US, EU Accept Irradiated Food?
 » Argentina Beefs up its Lotfeeding Industry


 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » Lift for Cattle Producers Despite Subdued Conditions
 » Little Concern for GM Animal Farms in Australia
 » DPI&F's Climate Risk Group Set for Challenging Role
 » Australian Honour to Peter Grieve
Claas - Time for new rules
   United Kingdom

 » New EBLEX Market Outlook Take to the Road
 » Defra Announce UK Farm Income Rise by 42 per cent
 » Livestock Central to Northern Ireland's Economy
 » Scottish Livestock Producers Unite to Protect Industry
 » NADIS Cattle Veterinary Report and Forecast – January 2009
 » LMCNI Review: Consumer Confidence in Lamb Holds
 » NHS Meat-free Strategy
 » Processor Chief Highlights Beef Industry Challenges


 » Manitoba Launches $400,000 Traceability Programme
 » Emphasis Laid on Food Safety Systems
 » Cooperative Approach to Listeria Called For
 » Mixing Livestock into Organic Crop Rotations
 » Canada Unlocks Jordanian Market for Beef
 » Angus Appoints New CEO
Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
   United States

 » Study: Indiana Livestock Can't Consume all DDGS
 » USMEF Hosts European Union's PRT Team
 » NFU Supports Johnson-Enzi Legislation
 » US Programme Seeks Consistency in Beef Grades
 » Creating Crave: Understanding the Lure of Beef
 » Snipping Out the Money Genes in Livestock
 » 2009 to be a Rough Year, Say UGA Farm Economists
 » 95 Per Cent of Parasites on the Pastures
 » Silver Lining to the Dark Cloud of COOL
 » Farming, Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration
 » Back to its Beefy Best: Seng Speaks to the US
 » Minnesota Reminds Farmers of TB Elimination Duty
 » A US Perspective: Prosperity and Peril in 2009
 » NFU President Testifies on Market Speculation
 » 2009 ISU Animal Industry Report Available
 » In The Cattle Markets - Cattle Inventory Down
 » Weekly Outlook: 'Good Old Days' for Cattle are Over
 » January 1 Cattle Inventory Down Two Per Cent
 » Weekly US Cattle Outlook - Positive for Cattle Feed
 » Weekly Roberts Report
Merial Ivomec

 » Agri Minister Launches Animal Health Ireland

   Saudi Arabia

 » Saudis Reduce Import Subsidies on Feed


 » Philippines Seeks FMD Free Status


 » Brazilian Cattle Farms Eat Away at the Amazon


 » Farming Must Change to Feed the World
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That's all for this week!

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