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TheBeefSite Newsletter - 7th January 2009
Wednesday 7th January 2009
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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Bovine TB: Tracking the Footprints from Deer to Cattle
It has been known for some time that many species of wild deer can carry and transmit Bovine Tuberculosis, but limited research has kept scientists in the dark on the prevalence of these incidents and how they can affect cattle populations, writes Adam Anson, reporting for TheCattleSite.
Developments in Biofuels; Implications for Livestock Production
As the manufacture of biofuels grows, questions are being asked as to whether such a strategy can be supported without putting unacceptable pressure on the food supply chain, writes John Pinkeye, Ensus Biofuels, in the proceedings from the 42nd University of Nottingham Feed Conference.
Utilization of Biosolids for Pasture Fertilization
Biosolids are solid, semi-solid, or liquid materials resulting from the treatment of domestic sewage sludge, writes Maria Silveira, Assistant Professor, Range Cattle Research and Education Center, UF/IFAS. This publication is part of the IFAS, 2008 Beef Cattle Short Course Proceedings.
Tame Pasture Grass and Legume Species and Grazing Guidelines
Jim Jacobs, NRCS Plant Materials Specialist, and Jon Siddoway, NRCS Rangeland Management Specialist, explain how to maximise the benfits of tame grass for grazing.
Forage Oat Update
Most of you know that for the past seven years, we've spent much time in Fairfield County investigating the virtues of oats as an annual forage when they are planted during mid to late summer, and even into early fall, say Curt Stivison and Stan Smith, Ohio State University Extension Beef Team.
US Beef and Dairy Outlook Report - December 2008
After strong exports for most of 2008, a weaker 4th quarter is expected, according to the USDA's Economic Research Service in its December 2008: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report.
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* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: Dumping May Result from Mad Cow Rule
 » FMD NEWS: ABA Against Introduction of Live Virus
 » BLUETONGUE: Questions Raised as Cattle Test Positive

   European Union

 » European Parliament Draft Report on Food Labeling


 » Implementation of COOL a Challenge
 » Alberta's Traceability Programme Approved
 » Zebra Fish Help in BSE Fight
 » New Fast Test for BSE
 » BC Cattle Programme Tracking Success

   Viet Nam

 » New Foot-and-Mouth Virus Verified in Nghe An

   United States

 » North Dakota Could Lift TB Ban on Minnesota
 » Scientist Advises on Feeding Cows in Cold
 » US Beef Exports Still Going Strong
 » Questions Raised as More Cattle Test Positive
 » Exports Essential to US Cattlemen
 » AVMA Comments on Regulation of GM Animals
 » USDA Amends Regulation on Imports
 » New Rule May See Illegal Dumping
 » Hoosier Project Puts Tags to Test
 » US Final Rule: New Port of Entry for Mexican Cattle
 » ABA Congratulate R-Calf on NAIS Influence
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Cattle Outlook - Consumer Demand Down
 » US Livestock Slaughter Statistics
 » In The Cattle Markets
   Korea, South

 » Korea to Introduce Beef Tracking System
 » US Corn Going Big in Korea

   United Kingdom

 » TB Increase Puts Pressure on Dairy Beef Calf Supplies
 » Disease Resistant Grass Variety Aids Grazers
 » Anaerobic Digestion Boost to On-farm Energy Production
 » Speaker Shows Route from Quality to Profitability
 » New TSE Regulations and Changes to BSE Testing
 » Meat Industry Launches Environment Taskforce
 » UK Climate Policy Threatens Trade
 » FSA: New Slaughterhouse Requirement for Calves
 » Call for Clearer Labelling and Sustainable Farming
 » NADIS Cattle Veterinary Report and Forecast – December 2008
 » Incidence of TB in UK Cattle
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - December 2008


 » India to Increase Beef Production
 » Nine Million Cattle to be Vaccinated in Q1
 » Indigenous Breeds Disappearing, Says Expert
 » India Insures it's Cattle


 » Success for Specialist Unit in Cattle Disease
 » Dioxin: Cattle to be Slaughtered on 21 Farms
 » BSE Controls Relaxed
 » Beef and Live Exports Take a Hit
 » IFA: Suckler Welfare Scheme a Success
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 » Italy Locks Down on Irish Pork and Beef Imports
 » Weanling Trade Barriers with Italy Removed

   South Africa

 » South Africa Lifts EU Beef and Dairy Ban
 » South Africa Target for Australian Beef


 » Commission Welcomes Judgment in French Beef Case
 » Concern over Cow, Heifer Slaughterings

   New Zealand

 » Farmers Face a Challenging Year


 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » Improvements to Biosecurity Welcomed
 » Remote Control Cattle
 » Beef Assoc Slams Foot and Mouth Plan
 » Beef Outlook Bright
 » US DDGS Cleared in Australia
 » ABA Against Introduction of Live Virus
 » Aussie Beef Losing its Grip on Korean Markets
 » Research: the Backbone of the Beef Industry


 » COOL: Mexico Joins Canada in WTO Complaint


 » Grass-fed Beef Promotion in Japan
 » Japan to Extend Safeguard Triggers

   Russian Federation

 » Pork, Beef, Poultry Imports Fall in December
 » Chr. Hansen Celebrates the First 10 Years in Russia


 » Brucellosis Epidemic in Cattle, Humans in Kyrgyzstan


 » 12 Million Cattle Now in Feed-Lots
 » Cow Crime Crackdown: DNA Guides the Way


 » China to Set up 'Preemptive' Food Safety Network
 » Growth of Massive Feedlots
 » The Value of China's Livestock Continues to Plummet


 » Oz Cattle and Indonesian Appetite Break Records


 » Ukraine Might Restrict Meat Trade Early in 2009


 » Ugandan Cattle Markets Close in Seven Districts
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