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Beef Newsletter - 17th December 2008

TheBeefSite Weekly Newsletter
Wednesday 17th December 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Prevent. Capture. Release. Recycle: Solving GHG Emissions
Efforts to reduce livestock greenhouse gas emissions are being made worldwide, but understanding the effects these changes are really having is more difficult to comprehend than might be initially perceived, writes Adam Anson for TheCattleSite.
US Concerns Raised over EU Stance on GM Food and Feed
While the European agricultural industry is a heavy consumer of genetically modified products - largely in animal feed - the industry is restricted in what it can grow, writes Chris Harris, TheCattleSite senior editor.
Ultrasound Scanning Beef Cattle for Body Composition
Ultrasound scanning for carcass traits is a useful tool for obtaining valuable carcass information from a live animal, says a Mississippi State University Cares report, prepared by By Jane A. Parish, Justin D. Rhinehart and Rhonda C. Vann.
Animal Welfare Activities For Beef Cattle Farmers
There is a significant body of national and EU legislation enacted relating to animal welfare. Here, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority explain how veterinary type methods, facility activity and feeding management can be maximised in line with the Code of Good Farming Practice.
UK Cattle Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report (to September 2008)
This report, by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, monitors trends in the major endemic cattle diseases. The report is compiled using disease data gathered by the network of VLA Regional Laboratories.
US Feed Outlook
The current economic crisis in the US and around the world together financial problems within the ethanol idustry are continuing to hit demand for corn, according to the USDA Economic Research Service Feed Outloook report. Feed grain supplies for 2008/09 are up on November but slightly down year on year.
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* Company News

Pneumonia Studies Confirm Value of Batch Treatment
FRANCE - Apparently healthy cattle that are in-contact with pen mates showing signs of pneumonia gain significantly less weight and take longer to finish than animals in completely disease-free housing.
* Global Beef Cattle Industry News


 » BSE NEWS: FSA Advises UK to Increase Testing Age

   European Union

 » BLUETONGUE: Defra Concerned Over Complacency
 » EU Allow Preemptive Vaccination


 » Fattening Up on the Peel of Pomegranates


 » FSAI Provides Update on Irish Beef Sample Results
 » Input Expenses Trouble Irish Dairies
 » New Farm Safety Action Plan Launched
 » Success for Specialist Unit in Cattle Disease

   United Kingdom

 » The Big Squeeze in Northern Ireland
 » Defra: Contingency Plan for Exotic Animal Diseases
 » New Portable Test Enables Disease Protection On Site
 » FSA Advises UK to Increase BSE Testing Age
 » Cause for Concern: Lack of Timescale on TB Strategy
 » LMCNI Weekly Cattle Review: Industry Awaits Results
 » UFU Welcome Assurances on NI Beef, Pork and Milk
 » What's Feeding Our Food: Factory Farms
 » Defra Concerned Over Bluetongue Complacency
 » TB Increase Puts Pressure on Dairy Beef Calf Supplies Lely
   United States

 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Potential Benefits for Ethanol and Feed
 » Recession Cuts Deep into US Meat Consumption
 » Carbon Credits: the Benefits of Change
 » FDA U-turn on Animal Antibiotic Ban
 » Vermont Farmers Bow to the Power of the Cow
 » CME: Corn Prices Decline Sharply
 » In The Cattle Markets
 » Westland/Hallmark Cruelty an 'Isolated Event'
 » CME: Forecast for US Beef Imports in 2009
 » Poor Silage Warning in North Dakota
 » Calgary: Beef Health and Wellness Chair Announced
 » About the Little Things: Consistent Herd Pregnancy
 » Dramatic Drop Seen in Corn Used for Ethanol
 » CME: Beef and Veal Project Strong Growth Number
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » CME: USDA Reports Lower Expected Corn Usage
 » Weekly Cattle Outlook: Continuous Growth in US
 » Minnesota Cattle Restrictions Under Question
 » AVMA Call for Increased Veterinary Oversight
 » USMEF: US Beef Exports Remain High
 » EPA Rethink Gas Tax Proposals
 » Pew Campaign Targets Antibiotic Ban Reversal
 » FSIS to Test Retail Products for Melamine
 » Weekly Outlook: What's Up with Corn Prices?
 » CME: Changes in Forecasts for Meat Sectors
 » North Dakota Could Lift TB Ban on Minnesota Allflex

 » Bright Future for Argentine Beef Exports


 » ABA and Labelling Laws: the Truth is Out There
 » Future Beef Reasearch: A Glimpse Round the Future
 » Australian Farmer Confidence Still Subdued
 » Calming Cattle with a Familiar Face
 » Weekly Australian Cattle Summary
 » Aussie Sales to Korea Beef Up Following US Return
 » A$47 Million for Veterinary Science Facilities
 » Australia Tackles Angus Challenges

   New Zealand

 » More Animal Welfare Resources Called for
   Korea, South

 » Korean Women’s Magazines Feature U.S. Beef
 » Korea to Introduce Beef Tracking System


 » Implementation of COOL a Challenge
 » COOL Calls for Promotion of Canadian Beef Quality
 » Questions Surrounding COOL Still Unanswered


 » Animal Behaviour Gets Danish Attention


 » Brazilian Animal Genes Popular on Foreign Market
 » Brazilian Genetics Flowing onto the Foreign Market


 » JBS Plant Banned from Exporting to Japan Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

 » India to Increase Beef Production

   Viet Nam

 » No Melamine Dairy Products in Vietnam

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